White Hats Arrest Three of the Twelve Deep State Jurors Who Unlawfully Found President Trump Guilty

White Hats over the weekend located and arrested three of the twelve Deep State jurors who unlawfully found President Donald J. Trump guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News. The trio—two men and a woman—were known Democrat operatives whose now-deleted social media … Read more

What actually happens when your iPhone becomes ‘obsolete’ as Apple announces device is doomed

In bad news for those of you too stubborn to let go of your trusty old device, as Apple recently announced another of its products is essentially doomed. That’s because the tech company updated its ‘obsolete’ list to include an old model of the iPhone. And if you’ve still got it, there’s not much helping you when things … Read more

Amazon Prime removes movie from site following singular complaint over baby scene

Let’s be real, it seems rare that something’s on telly or on a streaming site and absolutely no one has some complaint about it. From kicking off about Britain’s Got Talent to having a problem with The Gentlemen, someone always has something to say – and often it’s pretty valid. Amazon was forced to remove a film from Prime Video following just a singular … Read more

Annoyed couple forced to abandon £2,700 all inclusive holiday after hotel ‘adopts Benidorm model’

When you splash out on a holiday, you want it to all go perfectly. You don’t save up your money all year just for some purposely disappointing travels – you want what you paid for. Or, at least what you thought you’d paid for. And for this couple, their £2,700 all-inclusive holiday was nothing like they’d hoped. … Read more

Inmate ‘Eastside’ from hit Netflix jail experiment series dies aged 29

An inmate who appeared on Netflix’s experimental prison series Unlocked: A Jail Experiment has died aged 29. John McAllister – known as ‘Eastside’ on the docuseries – was found unresponsive in his bunk on the morning of Sunday, 2 June, with authorities confirming the news to local Arkansas TV station KATV. KATV reports that McAllister was transported to Jefferson Regional … Read more

Popular UK crisp flavour is being banned across Europe over worrying health concerns

Maybe you’re a salt and vinegar kind of eater or perhaps you sway more towards a cheese and onion, or you could just swing any way, a lover of crisps of all kinds. Plenty of us Brits hold the potato snacks to a high regard; a staple in a meal deal, a go-to snack in … Read more

Dave Martin: The Pandemic Was A Planned Marketing Test

We’re always looking for anything that will inform our readers and trigger the fragile snowflakes, and this clip might be just what the under-trained, ill-informed public school health clinic counselor ordered. It might be a bit more triggering than informing, as our readership is well-versed on the subject and aware of the participants. Dr. David … Read more

House panel grills Dr Fauci on Covid origins

US infectious disease expert Dr Fauci faced intense questioning from Republican lawmakers in his first public appearance before Congress since leaving his White House advisory role in 2022. For more than a year, he has faced scrutiny from Republicans in the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic for his role in the pandemic response. … Read more

Maldives to ban Israeli passport holders from entry in protest over Gaza war

The Maldives says it will ban Israelis from entering the country, known for its luxury resorts, with the office of the president making the announcement as public anger rises over the war in Gaza. The Maldives president, Mohamed Muizzu, has “resolved to impose a ban on Israeli passports”, a spokesperson for his office said in a statement, … Read more

Israel’s Foreign Ministry Warns Israelis Not to Travel to Maldives

More international hate has been directed at Israel. Israelis were advised Sunday evening that citizens of the Jewish State are not welcome in Maldives, a Muslim-majority nation that in recent years had become a popular Israeli tourist destination. The Maldives is located south of India and consists of two rows of atolls in the Indian … Read more