WaPo CEO Makes Stunning Admission: ‘People Are Seeing Through Our Propaganda’

Washington Post CEO Will Lewis has admitted that the majority of the public no longer believe the propaganda published by mainstream outlets such as WaPo. In an astonishing admission made during an all-hands meeting, the newly appointed CEO told a group of angry reporters that they need to stop lying to the public as nobody … Read more

Dr. Birx Comes Clean: “Elites Covered-Up COVID Lab-Leak Theory”

Dr. Deborah Birx, the former White House Covid Response Coordinator, has confessed that the elites tried to cover-up the fact that Coronavirus came from a Chinese lab, and they purposefully tried to discredit anybody who claimed otherwise. In a CNN interview Tuesday, Dr. Birx revealed that the country is still suffering from blatant censorship: “I … Read more

US House Votes To Sanction ICC Over Arrest Warrants For Israeli Leaders

The US House of Representatives have voted to punish the International Criminal Court for seeking to charge Israeli leaders with war crimes in Gaza. ICC chief prosecutor Karim Khan is seeking arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, along with three top leaders of the Palestinian militant group Hamas. Though the … Read more

Pentagon Increases HIMARS Order With Lockheed Martin In New $2bn Contract

Last month Lockheed Martin was awarded a contract to supply additional High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) to the US Army. This week, the Pentagon announced that it had doubled its contract with the arms maker increasing the value of the equipment ordered to nearly $2 billion. As usual the military industrial complex continues to thrive so … Read more

Biden To Ban Air Travel in 2025 for All Americans Who Refuse To Carry a WEF Digital ID

The Biden regime has announced plans to completely ban air travel in 2025 for Americans who refuse to carry a new WEF-inspired digital ID. According to journalist Patrick Webb, the US government plans to launch its controversial federal ID program, called Real ID, for domestic air travel on May 7, 2025. Webb declared on X Sunday … Read more

No, David Morens wasn’t arrested for evading FOIA. He is still under investigation

A May 26 Real Raw News article claims that Dr. David Morens, former senior advisor to Dr. Anthony Fauci, is facing serious criminal charges. “U.S. Navy JAG investigators on Saturday arrested former Fauci advisor Dr. David Morens on treason charges,” the article reads, referring to the Navy’s Judge Advocate General Corps. “The arrest comes days after the House … Read more

Klaus Schwab’s step back prompts fresh questions over Davos

You can even detect the uncertainty over the future of the World Economic Forum at Davos from its own annual crowning blandishments. The theme for WEF 2019 was “Globalisation 4.0: shaping a global architecture in the age of the fourth industrial revolution”. For 2023: “Co-operation in a fragmented world”. For 2024: “Rebuilding trust”. It is … Read more

Baggage handler issues warning to anyone who ties a ribbon on their suitcase at airport

When you’re heading off on holiday, you want to make sure that you all stand out from the crowd and are easy to spot just in case someone gets lost in the crowds – and the same applies to your suitcase. People put all sorts of decorations onto their luggage in the hopes that no … Read more

Comedian who was punched on stage after ‘sexualised’ comment about man’s child speaks out

The comedian who ended up getting punched on stage after making a ‘sexualised’ comment about a man’s child has spoken out. It seems the funnyman took a joke too far for this bloke as he ended up storming the stage to land a blow – Will Smith 2.0? Jaime Caravaca was performing in Madrid, Spain, on Monday (June 4) … Read more