Dead Premier League footballer’s wife speaks out as doc about his ‘devastating secret’ reaches number 1 on Netflix

The wife of a dead Premier League footballer who has had a documentary about him shoot to the number one spot on Netflix has spoken out. Originally released in 2022 on ITV, the shocking 90 minute documentary has been picked up by the streaming platform. The doc focuses on the life of Jlloyd Samuel, who played in the Premier … Read more

Netflix viewers’ ‘heads spinning’ over doc about Premier League footballer who died before wife found out devastating ‘secret’

Netflix recently picked up a documentary about a former Premier League footballer who died tragically in 2018 and viewers have been left bewildered by the secrets it claimed to uncover. Jlloyd Samuel spent his time between 1999 and 2010 in the Premier League with Aston Villa and Bolton Wanderers, punctuated by a brief loan to Gillingham. He then … Read more

Toddler Bronson Battersby found next to dad’s body died from dehydration, inquest hears

Two-year-old Bronson Battersby was found dead with his father Kenneth in Skegness, Lincolnshire on 9 January, and an inquest has heard the cause of the boy’s death. Coroner’s officer Tracy Cox stated that the toddler’s cause of death was dehydration during the inquest, which was opened by senior coroner Paul Smith in Lincoln. The court … Read more

Dad ruins his daughter’s graduation by blocking her from shaking hands with man he ‘didn’t want touching her’

A dad has been accused of ruining his daughter’s graduation by manhandling one of the people she was supposed to be shaking hands with on stage. A high school student who was graduating from Baraboo High School in Wisconsin stepped onto the stage, was handed her diploma and started moving down the line of people with … Read more

World War 2 hero aged 102 dies on his way to D-Day anniversary

A 102-year-old World War Two veteran has died en-route to events commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Robert ‘Al’ Persichitti had fought in the Pacific theatre of the Second World War against the Japanese, and had been a witness to US Marines raising the American flag at Iwo Jima. He was a US Navy veteran who was a radioman … Read more

CNN Claims Doctors ‘Have to Guess’ Biological Gender of Newborn Babies

CNN has informed its audience that doctors have “no clue” regarding the biological gender of newborn babies and “have to guess,” while offering instructional guidance for parents about how to respond when 4-year-old children “come out” as non-binary or transgender. “When your kid comes out as trans, here’s what to do,” the column states before moving on to opinions provided by Nova … Read more

Trump Vows To Declassify 9/11, JFK and Jeffrey Epstein Files As ‘Revenge’ Against Deep State

Donald Trump has promised to declassify all remaining files on the 9/11 attacks, Jeffrey Epstein, and John F. Kennedy when he is re-elected in November as part of his campaign of revenge against the Deep State. Appearing on Fox and Friends Sunday, the former President was asked one by one whether he would declassify the highly … Read more

Pfizer Quietly Settles 10,000 Lawsuits Accusing Big Pharma Giant of Concealing Cancer Risks

Pfizer has quietly agreed to settle more than 10,000 lawsuits accusing the Big Pharma giant of intentionally concealing cancer risks from customers. The Pfizer agreements cover cases in US state courts, however the financial details have been kept under wraps, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg. Tens of thousands of plaintiffs claimed Pfizer’s heartburn drug … Read more

Tucker Carlson Says Klaus Schwab Is ‘Like an Elderly Idiot Who Seems A Little Senile’

Tucker Carlson has claimed that after meeting World Economic Founder Klaus Schwab in person, he realizes that he’s nothing but an “elderly idiot” who has “no idea what he’s talking about During a wide ranging discussion on the “Shawn Ryan Show” earlier this week Carlson described his chance encounter with the 86-year-old globalist during an event … Read more

Global Elite Declares War on ‘Dangerous Anti-Vaxxers’ Who ‘Must Be Stripped of Human Rights’

The globalist elite have declared open war on so-called “anti-vaxxers” who they argue must be “stripped of human rights” in the most disturbing escalation of their campaign for medical genocide since the mRNA roll out in 2021. According to World Health Organization insiders, so-called “anti-vaxxers” are threatening Agenda 2030 and the elites’ vision of the future for humanity which … Read more