194 WHO Countries Agree to Arrest Citizens Who Oppose Bird Flu Vaccine

194 World Health Organization (WHO) member states have agreed to begin arresting and prosecuting citizens who speak out against the Bird Flu vaccine, as part of tough new measures designed to stomp out so-called ‘misinformation’. The World Healthy Assembly this week adopted amendments to the controversial International Health Regulations without any fanfare from the mainstream media. … Read more

Col. Kurtz on 2024 Election Day: “There Will be Blood.”

Colonel Kurtz’s Red Hats will “apply all necessary force” to prevent Democrat election workers from manipulating ballots and tampering with voting machines in the 2024 presidential election, even if it means a clash of arms on the streets of America. A source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News that the temperamental … Read more

JAG Hangs Shenna Bellows for Treason

Disgraced Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows received an unceremonious trip to the netherworld on May 26 as she was hanged to death at Guantanamo Bay for having committed treason against the United States of America. As reported, a military panel found Bellows guilty a week earlier and recommended JAG impose the maximum punishment. As … Read more

Will Smith reveals the one movie role he regretted turning down

Will Smith is one of those actors who has seemed to have played every single role you can think of. From The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Agent J in Men in Black, and Christopher Gardner in The Pursuit of Happiness, he’s played them all. Despite going on to win a coveted Academy Award (we’ll ignore the slap for today), there … Read more

Man diagnosed with cancer after ignoring ’embarrassing’ symptom he didn’t want to tell his wife about

Warning: This article contains discussion of cancer which some readers may find distressing. A man has opened up about the regret of not telling his wife about his pain because he was too ’embarrassed’. Kev Waddle started to feel pain in his bottom in January 2023 and continued to ignore his discomfort for a year. But as … Read more

Man who has lived on cruise for 23 years is now suffering health side effects

A man who has spent the entirety of the last 23 years living on a cruise ship is currently suffering from the health side effects of his decision. Mario Salcedo has been loving his life at sea, sailing his life away after quitting his stressful job as an international finance director at a large-scale corporation … Read more

Fans are split after Suits star gives hope for reunion movie

Good news Suits fans, there is hope for a reunion movie! But not everyone is too convinced by the idea. The beloved lawyer show has seen a resurgence in recent years, finding a second life on Netflix. With the final season being added to the streamer in the US soon (tough luck Americans, we’ve had … Read more

Woman who flashed crowd at hockey game approached by adult website

If you want to get the attention of bigwigs in the adult content world, it seems publicly showcasing your assets at an ice hockey game is a good place to start. A fan of the Edmonton Oilers has got offers coming in left, right and centre after flashing the crowd during the fifth game of … Read more

AI creates what ‘average man’ in most UK major cities look like and the results are brutal

Artificial intelligence is slowly becoming more and more prominent in our daily lives, with tech boffins hoping that it can make our daily existences a lot easier than it is now. It has endless potential – but obviously, Brits are much more interested in seeing what robots reckon the ‘average man’ in most major UK cities looks like rather … Read more