Hillary Clinton Compares Trump to Hitler In D-Day Post

Hillary Clinton used the D-Day commemoration to take another pot shot at Donald Trump. The two-time presidential loser managed to hint at a comparison between the former president and Germany’s Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Her post on X compared voting against Donald Trump to fighting in Normandy on D-Day. Clinton wrote “Eighty year:s ago today, thousands … Read more

Terrifying moment Air Canada flight to Paris catches fire seconds after taking off from airport

A terrifying video shows an Air Canada flight to Paris catching fire just seconds after takeoff. The aircraft took off from Toronto Pearson International Airport and was scheduled to land in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport on Wednesday (5 June). However, the flight had to turn around due to a frightening engine issue. The Boeing … Read more

World’s biggest adult star Angela White got with fan who paid to cam with her then she got with his brother

Whenever she goes on podcasts there a question Angela White gets asked, and it’s because there’s a story people keep getting her to tell. The adult star began in the industry at the age of 18 and ended up becoming one of the biggest names in the business. Over the years, she’s been asked a … Read more

Riley Reid reveals the exact salary she demanded to shoot an adult movie

Adult film star Riley Reid has opened up about the salary she asked for when shooting an adult movie. The pornstar has been working in the industry for over 10 years and began performing when she was 19. Previously using the stage name ‘Paige Riley’ at first, the actor has since gone on to win … Read more

Missing TV doctor Michael Mosley’s wife breaks silence as search continues in Greece

The wife of TV doctor Michael Mosley, who has been missing since Wednesday, has insisted that ‘we will not lose hope’. The 67-year-old was last seen setting off on a walk to the centre of Greek island Symi on 5 June. Mosley was last spotted by CCTV at a grey-stoned house nearby the harbour after … Read more

Democrat Candidate Calls for ‘Re-Education Camps’ for MAGA Supporters After 2024 Election

New York Democratic congressional candidate Paula Collins has called for “re-education camps” for “MAGA supporters” following the 2024 election. This disturbing statement was made during a public Zoom Townhall this week, where Collins openly acknowledged the controversial nature of her proposal and admitted the elite might need to find “another way to phrase it.” “Even if … Read more

Maxine Waters Demands Mass Arrests of Trump Supporters: “They’re Domestic Terrorists!”

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters has urged the FBI to begin mass arresting millions of Trump supporters, warning that they are “domestic terrorists” who need to be prevented from voting this November. Rep. Waters justified her extreme position by claiming that Trump supporters pose “a threat to national security and democracy.” “I’m going to spend some … Read more

Multiple Mainstream Studies Confirm COVID Jabs Cause Cancer

Several new studies have confirmed that Covid vaccines trigger various mechanisms in the human body that create cancer. One official study described how mRNA jabs destroy the immune system, leading to cancer. “…it has been discovered that the mRNA vaccines inhibit essential immunological pathways, thus impairing early interferon signaling. Within the framework of COVID-19 vaccination, this … Read more

Democrats Celebrate As U.S. Gov’t Force Alex Jones To Close Infowars

Democrats claimed victory on Friday after Alex Jones announced that he is being forced to liquidate his assets and close Infowars to pay the Sandy Hook families. Alex Jones is being forced to sell Infowars and liquidate all of his assets to start paying off the $1.5 billion settlement he was ordered to pay Sandy … Read more