Hungarian PM Says Trump & EU Could End Ukraine Conflict In 24 Hours

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has warned that the West is “within centimeters of a direct conflict” with Russia and that both the EU and the US need pro-peace forces to replace those currently in power in order to avoid this from happening. He said that with all the discussions regarding sending additional weapons and even … Read more

Parties Who Are Against Russia Sanctions Surge In EU Elections

Hundreds of millions of people in 27 EU member states have cast their ballots in the parliamentary elections. In defiance of the current policies on thinks like  immigration, security, and climate, there has been a surge of support for conservative and right-wing parties. RT reports: Initial projections after the polls closed on Sunday indicated a stunning defeat for French President … Read more

Marine Le Pen Vows To ‘Dissolve New World Order’ As Macron Dissolves Parliament Following Defeat

Marine Le Pen has vowed to dissolve the ‘New World Order’ in the wake of her historic victory against French President Emmanuel Macron in the recent European election. Following his crushing defeat, Macron declared on Sunday that he is dissolving parliament and calling for an immediate election in France. “I’ve decided to give you back … Read more

Trump Drops Bombshell: ‘Biden Is Controlled by Very Evil Entities’

Donald Trump has declared that he is fighting against “very evil forces” who control Joe Biden. During an interview with Dr Phil, the host asked Trump about his “hardest, darkest moment” in recent times. “You have to be very strong. You’re fighting off very evil forces and they’re very smart forces,” Trump responded. “There are … Read more

Doctors Warn ‘Rare and Unusual’ Cancers Are Killing Alarming Numbers of People

Doctors in the US are warning of ‘rare and unusual’ cancers killing alarming numbers of people in the wake of the Covid pandemic. According to doctors, since 2021, aggressive cancers are appearing in young patients who don’t typically fit the bill for the unusual types of cancer diagnoses they are receiving. reports: And they’re coming … Read more

Trudeau Mega Donor Arrested on Child Rape Charges

Frank Stronach, a billionaire with ties to Justin Trudeau and Canada’s Liberal Party, was arrested on Friday on a slew of child sex charges. Stronach was charged with rape and indecent assault on an underage female, two counts of sexual assault, and forcible confinement, according to a press release by Peel Regional Police. reports: Police believe … Read more

Hungarian PM Warns That Western War Hawks Want Ukraine’s Resources

Its Western allies want Kiev to achieve victory in the conflict with Russia, because it would give them the opportunity to “acquire and divide” Ukraine’s wealth according to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. During an interview with Hir TV on Saturday, Orban warned about the reasons behind NATO’s increasing involvement in the Ukraine conflict. He … Read more

Lindsey Graham Says Ukraine Is A ‘Gold Mine’ That ‘We Can’t Afford To Lose’

The United States “cannot afford” to allow Russia to achieve victory in the Ukraine conflict as this would mean losing direct access to vast mineral assets, according to US Senator Lindsey Graham. During an interview with CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’ Graham accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being a “megalomaniac” who is attempting to “re-create the … Read more

BREAKING Publication–Strategic Deactivation Of MRNA COVID-19 Vaccines: New Applications For SiRNA And RIBOTAC Therapy

As the world is waking up to nearly two thirds with potential future disease and disability from the long-lasting mRNA coding for the dangerous Wuhan Spike protein, the search is on for ways to stop this molecular monster from doing more damage. Hulscher, N., McCullough, P. A., & Marotta, D. E. (2024, May 30). Strategic … Read more

Ex-WH Doctor Sounds Alarm On Biden’s Cognition

Many have had to deal with watching a beloved parent or grandparent decline with age and struggle with memory loss that can lead to an altered sense of reality. As devastating as that is, the idea of the most powerful man in the world who has control of the nuclear weapons arsenal of the United … Read more