Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs Facing Hefty Prison Sentence for Stealing Taxpayer Money

Democrat Gov. Katie Hobbs is under a criminal investigation for stealing millions of dollars from taxpayers to fund her lavish lifestyle, Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes announced this week. According to Mayes, Gov. Hobbs ran an illegal “pay-to-play” scheme, skimming vast sums of cash for her own personal use. Mayes wrote a letter from his office’s criminal … Read more

Multiple Studies Reveal COVID Jabs Are Causing People’s Skin To Literally ‘Melt Off’

Several disturbing new studies have revealed that COVID jabs are causing people’s skin to literally ‘melt off’ and ‘erupt’ years after receiving the experimental shots. Thousands of people have taken to social media to report their own personal experiences of severe skin conditions, such as eczema, following the jabs – which one study confirmed was real. Another study … Read more

Israeli Army Caught Running Pedophile Ring Involving Thousands of Palestinian Kids – Media Blackout

The Israeli army has been caught running a massive pedophile ring involving thousands of displaced Palestinian children, according to a disturbing new report. Hidden at the bottom of a recent New York Times report is the horrific account of systematic torture, sodomy and murder of innocent children taking place at a southern Israel military base. … Read more

New Footage Shows Pelosi Admit Responsibility For Not Having National Guard At Capitol

House Republicans have been provided with previously unaired footage that reveals the then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi admitting responsibility for not having the National Guard protect the Capitol building ahead of the January 6 protests in 2021. Politico noted that the footage was “was shown in a video shot by the former speaker’s daughter, documentarian … Read more

China: Europe Is Losing To The ‘Far-Right’ Thanks To ‘Remote Elites in Brussels’

The results of the European Parliament elections will likely “overturn Europe’s policies on immigration, green transition and its support for Ukraine” according to a report by the Chinese state media outlet Global Times The results have seen poor results for leftist and “green” parties. Chinese “experts” are blaming “remote elites” for the results of the election because they … Read more

Macron Says He Won’t Resign Even If He Loses French Election

President Emmanuel Macron, who recently called a snap election to save his leadership is now saying he won’t resign even if he loses. The globlaist president dissolved the national parliament and called for fresh French elections just hours after being handed a humiliating defeat in the European elections. The National Rally (RN) right-populists of Marine Le … Read more

Kremlin Says US Is ‘Flirting With Neo-Nazis’ In Ukraine

The US will stop at nothing, including the use of neo-Nazis, to damage Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday. Peskov made the remarks following Washington’s decision to lift a ban on supplying weapons to Ukraine’s neo nazi linked Azov Brigade. The unit is notrorious for welcoming into its ranks people who espouse ultranationalist … Read more

Rachel Maddow Warns Trump Planning To Throw MSM Journalists Into ‘Fake News Camps’

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has warned that if Donald Trump becomes president again he is planning to round up mainstream media journalists and put them into ‘fake news concentration camps.’ Maddow shared her alarming conspiracy theory with Oliver Darcy – the man who got Alex Jones banned from Twitter. Darcy said to Maddow: “Trump … Read more

One word is ‘banned’ on a cruise ship according to passenger who accidentally said it on-board

According to a cruise ship passenger, there is one word you should never say whilst at sea. Cruising can be one of the most luxurious ways to travel, of course, that’s providing you don’t get sea sick easily. Like any holiday resort, there’s rules that guests have to abide by, but one man was shocked … Read more

Bizarre optical illusion of sitting women has left people scratching their heads

If there’s one thing the internet loves it’s videos of cats doing funny things, but this isn’t an article about that. Fortunately, the internet also loves getting into a state of confusion over weird optical illusions that make less sense the more you look at them. Take a fairly innocuous picture of some pebbles, for … Read more