£99 Wowcher mystery holiday sends women to New York City for ‘best time of their lives’


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Two mates from the UK ended up having the ‘holiday of their lives’ after gambling on a £99 Wowcher mystery holiday voucher that took them to New York City.

For less than £100, the mystery holiday package is available to anyone willing to take the plunge into the travel unknown.

The risk is part of the fun when it comes to the deal from Wowcher, in the hope of landing a holiday for less than one hundred quid that definitely costs a lot more than that.

And the destinations are lush. We’re talking Dubai, Bali, and even the Maldives as well as the likes of Rome, Madrid, and Ibiza.

Two girls from the north east took the gamble earlier this year and ended up in the Big Apple. Yep, New York City in all its glory for £99.

Megan Smith, 20, and friend Georgina Leonard, 18, took the risk and both bought the £99 Wowcher mystery holiday vouchers.

Their luck couldn’t have been better, ending up staying on Times Square in the heart of NYC. The accommodation was a four star hotel and on the doorstep of Manhattan’s most famous attractions.

“We flew three hours from London Stansted Airport to Reykjavik in Iceland,” Megan told LADbible, “then six hours from Iceland to New York Stewart International Airport. And it was then only a two hour transfer to the city, costing $15 (£11.70).

With no set itinerary on the holiday, Megan and Georgina spent their four days in NYC exploring and spontaneously choosing what to get up to.

This included checking our classic American diner food and then heading to the top of the 73-storey One Vanderbilt skyscraper where the famous Summit One Vanderbilt observation deck is located, which is $43 per person.

“It was a great sightseeing opportunity and an amazing way to take some beautiful photos on our trip, with different themed rooms to explore,” Megan, from Middlesborough, said.

The duo also took the free Staten Island Ferry to get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty while on the open water, while also taking part in ice skating in Central Park.

Jetting out to New York in February, Megan said it was ‘slightly cold but beautifully sunny out’.

She said: “No matter the location you receive from the mystery holiday, the price is something you cannot complain about.

“And with no hidden fees or non obvious extra charges, I’d had the best few days of my life.

“I myself am 20 years old, and my friend is 18, so our only issue was we were not of drinking age! But that never stopped us having a good time.”

On the official rules behind paying for a mystery holiday, Wowcher’s official ‘fine print’ on the £99 holiday deals reads: “Once customers have been advised of their holiday destination they will not be entitled to a refund on the basis they do not wish to travel to the destination drawn.”

If you’re not happy with the holiday you’ve been given, there any things you can do to fix the situation.

A Wowcher spokesperson told LADbible Group earlier this year: “Once a customer purchases our Mystery Holiday they are randomly allocated a destination and there is the chance to change this destination at redemption.

“You can speak with the travel provider to determine preferences. For example if you are awarded Barcelona but you do not like the hotel or flight times, often the provider can try and find you something more suitable.

“If they can’t find something more suitable within that destination, they can offer you an alternative.

“These alternatives depend on availability and what the travel providers can find you within budgets. They may also offer more desirable options at a higher cost but this is only ever optional to the customer.”

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