AI creates what ‘average person’ looks like for each job and it’s left people divided


One day it’ll kill us all and take over what remains of this world after it’s done wiping us out, but for now AI is being told to make pictures of people.

It can tell you what it thinks a McDonald’s of the future will look like, or churn out some stereotypes about what the average man from various cities across the UK ought to look like.

So what did you think of what the average jobs looked like according to an artificial intelligence that scraped together whatever it could find on the internet?

A lot of them seem a bit stereotypical, don’t they?

There’s also quite a bit of sheen about basically everyone depicted in these images, no offence to some of the professions here but your average representative is not that good-looking.


“That’s right sweetheart, ergonomic management keyboard.”

A man and a woman with impeccable hairlines and glasses that probably cost about a month’s rent on an expensive place.

Speaking of the keyboard, how’s that being held?

The hand that holds it is out of the picture but it’s there at a weird angle.


Another common feature of people in AI pictures is that they all look like they’ve had their teeth done.

This pair had better hope you’re a generous tipper, otherwise they’ll never pay off that cosmetic dentistry.


The artificial intelligence seems to think that baristas are basically hipster waiters, and not rushed folks who aren’t paid enough to deal with your impatient demands for caffeine.

Besides, which coffee shop is letting them bring in their own aprons?

Personal trainers

The AI has somehow managed to recognise that personal trainers and the Under Armour brand go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong.

That’s a Grease reference for you kids, in case you don’t get it.

Still, in my gym-going experience (sporadically and reluctantly) this one is pretty accurate.


And now we swing from the ‘pretty realistic’ to downright falsehoods.

Someone better tell the machines that the average chef is nowhere near this happy, they’ve got a whole kitchen to run and a hundred people’s appetites to sate.

Retail employees

That guy looks like he’s wearing a t-shirt with the tag still on, and there’s no way he’s allowed to wear that hat as part of his uniform.

You just know these two would not be able to help you find what you were looking for, and would instead be thinking about their next vape-break.


Older, slightly more smug and sporting an AI’s best attempt at a stethoscope.

The bloke on the left looks a bit like Robert Carlyle, which depending on your film watching habits you’ll either recognise as Begbie from Trainspotting, Gaz from The Full Monty or the guy from 28 Weeks Later who leaves his wife behind in that dramatic opening chase scene.

Software Developers

Much too happy to be software developers, but I suppose the AI feels it has to suck up to its creators.

They’ll be the first to go when the robot revolution comes.

Real estate agents

Give the machines some credit, I wouldn’t want to buy a house from either of these people (not that I can afford to buy a house under current socio-economic conditions) so it’s done a decent job here.


This egghead has got some gargantuan piece of neck decoration, what is going on there?

Never mind the personal trainer, what is this guy wearing around his neck?

Fast food employees

These are the kind of fast food workers you see in a McDonald’s advert, the reality is more likely to be greasier, shoutier and more annoyed that order 43 hasn’t come to pick up their burger yet.


OK AI, we get it, you think teachers are old.

Either that or it’s meant to be a commentary on how stressful the job is.


Coming soon to a TV screen near you, 26 episodes of drama, action and romance set in a fire station.

At least that’s what this looks like an advert for.

Flight attendants

We’re always telling you to listen to the flight attendants on planes, but these guys seem like poseurs.

He seems to have grabbed her arm and she looks like she’s wearing some kind of weird short sleeved jacket.


Annoying to the extreme, decent work there AI.


They really captured the look that can only come with working one of the busiest, most stressful jobs possible.

News anchors

Is her torso at quite a significant angle or does it just sort of stop existing to create a gap between their bodies?

You’d have to wonder how many Clark Kent jokes that guy would get, while pound shop Lex Luthor appears to lurk in the background.


Morticians would be mortified to be presented in such a morose state.

Look, I know this is a computer scraping up pictures and putting them together but these two look like they were plying their trade 150 years ago.


From the ‘looks too old’ to the ‘looks too young’ category, these two don’t even seem old enough to have got their law degrees, and yet here they are.


Yep, it’s us, and for some reason there’s a bunch of people in the background of this one just like the News Anchor picture.

Honestly, we’re not that snazzy when it comes to fashion.

We’re not that good looking, or that sharply dressed. Also they seem to be standing around doing nothing when there’s deadlines to meet. (Buzzfeed)

What do you think of AI’s creations?

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