Biden Admin Ordered Amazon To Destroy Books That Exposed Vaccine Dangers During Pandemic

The Biden regime ordered Amazon to destroy books on sale on its platform that exposed the dangers of the experimental mRNA Covid jabs.

According to new evidence presented by the House Judiciary Committee and Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, documents reveal that Amazon reduced the visibility of titles that the government deemed overly critical of big pharma shots. reports: The documents show that some books were simply generally critical of vaccines, with several written by medical professionals. Some were even just reviews of scientific studies.

The Federal government compiled a “Do Not Promote” list, to which more than 40 titles were added.

In a series of X posts, Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Jim Jordan explained how internal emails from Amazon contain employees revealed that “the impetus for this request is criticism from the Biden Administration.”

They even targeted a children’s book that they deemed to be too friendly toward the unvaccinated.

“Don’t let the Biden Admin tell you that their censorship campaign was about concerns of misinformation going viral on social media,” Jordan wrote. 

He further urged “They were going after BOOKS too. This is–and always has been–about suppressing difavored views, not purported challenges of new technologies.”

There is a deep irony attached to this story in that the Biden Administration has repeatedly accused Republicans of trying to ‘ban’ books nationwide.

While in almost all of these cases, the likes of Florida governor Ron DeSantis were expressing opposition to school libraries carrying sexually explicit books aimed at children, it turns out the Biden Administration was actively working to censor books for adults.

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