Biden Loses Black Hat Military Support Following Unconstitutional Trump Verdict

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No sooner had a compromised jury found President Donald J. Trump guilty on 34 contrived charges than a bevy of high-ranking military brass abandoned the Biden regime in favor of helping President Trump and the White Hats forever oust Deep State globalists from the American landscape.

On Thursday afternoon, General Eric M. Smith reportedly received telephone calls, text messages, and emails from 300 Armed Forces officers—rank O-4 and higher—who said they had been asleep to the truth but suddenly awakened upon hearing Soros-sponsored Judge Juan Merchan tell a deeply liberal jury it did not need unanimity to convict President Trump—the first time, to our knowledge, a sitting judge handed down illegal instructions on deliberating a case.

A source in the general’s office told Real Raw News that the 300 officers include squadron and division commanders across all branches of the Armed Forces and logistics officers who control the moving and managing of military hardware.

“It’s like they had an epiphany, an awakening,” our source said. “I’m not privy to Trump’s plan, and I don’t think Gen. Smith knows it all, but it’s possible President Trump anticipated something like this would happen. He has the unique ability to see several moves ahead.”

If the officers’ departure from the regime was earnest, it would mark the most significant single-day exodus since Biden stole the election in 2020. However, General Smith takes nothing at face value, as he has been double-crossed and will rigorously vet turncoats and fence-sitters to weed out agent provocateurs and seedy Biden spies.

The honest, our source said, will likely receive a reprieve, while mendacious officers will regret trying to insinuate themselves among the White Hats and face a traitor’s death.

Asked why the general is charitable to traitors, he said, “It’s not charity—he’s being circumspect. We’ve been fighting a war on five fronts, and it’s no secret we’re stretched thin, like Bilbo Baggins said in the Fellowship of the Ring, ‘Like butter spread on too much bread.’ He has to take into account that many of these officers were threatened, tricked, or wheedled by the regime. We’ve seen this before; officers switching sides.”

Last week, Colonel Ryan Kendall, commander of the 12th Aviation Brigade, and 35 officers under his command sent Gen. Smith a letter saying they would no longer defend a fake president who acted in contravention of the Constitution and American interests and requested amnesty. Our source said Gen. Smith and Col. Kendall spoke for four hours and had reached an agreement, though he wouldn’t explain the details.

“Executing every ‘Black Hat’ that wants to return to the fold, the general feels, is irrational. Some deserve a second chance, but others don’t, and that’s for Gen. Smith and the council to decide,” our source said.

As we have done in the past, we asked our source to quantify the number of the Armed Forces’ 237,000 officers who are White Hats, Black Hats, or fence-sitters.

“I can’t break it down like that because we don’t even know what 237,000 people are thinking at any moment. I can say that Deep State defections occur regularly, more will, and this means a fundamental shift in the balance of power. That’s bad for Biden but good for us.”

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