British model flies 5,500 miles to offer men ‘free bonks’ with just one catch


A British model has revealed how she’s flown over 5,000 miles to offer men ‘free bonks’.

Content creator Bonnie Blue recently went viral after revealing how she’d been travelling around different areas of the UK, offering to have sex with men for free.

She headed to London and Cardiff, where she held up signs reading ‘bonk me for free, let me film it’.

But, there was one catch – in return, she would be able to film and upload the content onto her platforms.

Over on her Instagram, she explained: “I’m out at Westfield Stratford, I want to film with as many of you as possible while I’m here so come and find me.”

Speaking to the Daily Star, she added: “There’s so many guys, you go to the pub and what they class as a pretty girl walks in.

“They always make jokes like ‘I’d love to go and s**g her. I’d love to go to sleep with her’. I want to make that a reality.”

After trying to make as much content as possible in the UK, Bonnie has now flown thousands of miles over to Los Angeles, where she hopes to re-create the same thing.

She says she’s even cancelled another flight to give herself more time.

“I’ve cancelled another flight back to give me time to visit the frat house and film with fans from LA,” Bonnie said.

“People seemed to love it so much in the UK, I’ve done the same in Hollywood.”

Bonnie was criticised last year after she and fellow model, Leilani May, apparently invited young men from ‘Schoolies’ to participate in making adult content.

Schoolies Week is a celebratory time for recent high school graduates in Australia (a bit like UK freshers), which sees thousands of school leavers amassing to the best holiday spots.

Surfers Paradise in Queensland’s Gold Coast is one of the favourite places to go because of its nightlife and beaches.

But after the two models allegedly invited schoolies to Surfers Paradise to join in on creating their content, it caused a stir.

However, according to Bonnie, the school leavers approached them first.

She told the Gold Coast Bulletin: “We started getting messages, ‘I’ll be here for Schoolies, let’s film content,’ and we laughed – we only filmed with established creators and then thought ‘Why not’.”

Bonnie then clarified that she and Leilani were careful to ensure anyone who wanted to work with them were ‘consenting adults’.

“They’re not 17, we check ID, we have a process – they are consenting, and they are signing consent forms,” she said.

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