Brits going on holiday warned over airport security rule change due to start next week


The time has almost come for the most revolutionary development in airport travel across the United Kingdom as a new policy looks set to be implemented within days.

And one travel expert is sending a warning to Brits over the rule, claiming that four out of five UK travellers are unaware of the massive rule change at airport security.

We all know just how awful the airport security process can be when you’re looking forward to jetting off. That excitement to get in to the skies and land at your destination endures a temporary lull as you do thing Brits do best: queue.

And it’s a process that gets even worse when people don’t pack their bags properly. Yes, we’re talking about you with your 500ml bottle of water or a 20cm by 20cm toiletries bag that’s bursting at the seams.

Well, thankfully that’s going to be a thing of the past very, very soon.

For nearly two decades now, we’ve been made to whack all of the liquids in our hand luggage in a 20cm by 20cm plastic bag, with nothing topping 100ml in size.

It’s now time for change, though, with the government moving to bring in new legislation on the issue to speed up airport security queues.

It means that the 100ml limit will be scrapped as well as the need for all your liquids to go in a separate plastic bag within your luggage.

A really drastic change to the rules mean you can now carry two litres of liquids in your hand luggage, if you so wish to take that much with you. Although doing that could land you in a tricky spot.

The rule changes were meant to have been brought in two years ago to speed up security queues but were pushed back due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

So far, only four UK airports have brought in the new changes ahead of when the rules go live; those being Teesside, London City, Birmingham and Newcastle airports.

The new rules will start going live from Saturday, 1 June, in a major boost to those heading overseas. But they’re rules four in five aren’t aware of.

Anton Radchenko, founder and CEO of AirAdvisor, told the Mirror: “Considering this rule holds significant importance and will redefine how we travel, people should be aware of it.”

Other airports have now been given until the 2025 summer season to get ready, meaning there could be another year of queues for millions heading abroad.

Heathrow Airport declined to comment at this stage on the timescale of its changes. It understood the upgrades to its airport will cost £1 billion.

A total of 146 security lanes are being installed across its four terminals – that’s more than all other UK airports – so it is a big task for the international travel hub.

For the time being, Heathrow passengers should continue to prepare for security as normal. Liquids in containers up to 100ml should be put in a one litre clear plastic bag, which should be removed from cabin baggage, alongside electrical items and placed in the tray to be processed through security.

Manchester Airport Holdings (MAG), which runs Manchester Airport, London Stansted Airport, and East Midlands Airport, was also approached for comment on when we can expect the new scanners and rules to come in to play across its three travel hubs.

Online reports suggest all Heathrow and MAG airports will introduce the new 100ml rules in early 2025.

Radchenko warned Brits that you should check before travelling, and not assume the 100ml liquid limit has been scrapped.

He said: “The old rules will still apply to you even if you’re travelling to/from London City, Newcastle, and Teesside, which have scrapped the 100ml liquid rule.

“Passengers flying on this route must be careful and aware that old rules will still apply this summer.

“I don’t think airlines are prepared for it. Airlines are also to blame for this confusion because they hardly keep their passengers informed with relevant updates.”

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