Russia Blames US For Deadly Crimea Strike

Russia has blamed the United States after at least four people including two children were killed and more than 120 injured when a Ukrainian missile was shot down over a crowded beach in Crimea. In a statement on Sunday, the Russian Defense Ministry said that Washington was responsibile for the Ukrainian missile strike on the city … Read more

Putin Vows To Shut Down Hollywood Adrenochrome Supply Chain

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to shut down the adrenochrome supply chain servicing Hollywood after Russian forces made a series of horrifying discoveries in Ukraine in recent days. Putin has enlisted Hollywood insiders including Mel Gibson and Steven Seagal to put all the chess pieces together so he can make his move. The elites … Read more

The Yuan Has Replaced The Dollar As Russia’s Main Foreign Currency

The Bank of Russia has announced that the yuan/ruble exchange rate will now set the trajectory for other currency pairs on the Moscow Exchange (MOEX), including for the euro and dollar. Their statement comes as the latest round of US sanctions prompted MOEX to suspend trading in dollars and euros. RT reports: The UK followed Washington’s … Read more