CNN: “Calling America a Republic Is RACIST – It’s Actually a Democracy”

The United States of America is NOT a constitutional republic and anybody who disagrees is a “racist”, according to CNN.

In a bizarre segment that aired on Friday, CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan argued that the U.S. is actually a democracy, and warned that any claims to the contrary are “conspiracy theories” that originate from white supremacists.

With President Biden arguing that former President Donald Trump is a threat to democracy, CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan decided it would be a good idea to try to help make that case. On Friday’s CNN News Central, O’Sullivan was seen on the road with Trump voters, where he was aghast at the idea that they view America as a republic, not a democracy.

In one clip, O’Sullivan was speaking to a couple when he declared, “Obviously, there’s a lot of criticisms of Trump that he is bad for democracy. That he’s bad for American democracy.”

A woman interrupted him to assert, “Can I say something? We are a republic. We’re not a democracy,” while a man echoed her sentiment, “We are a republic. We’re a representative republic. We’re not a democracy.” reports: CNN throws in a few clips of Republican leaders talking about democracy as if this changes history and proves their point:

The clips of Reagan and Bush were juxtaposed with Speaker Mike Johnson, and Fox News hosts Will Cain and Pete Hegseth claiming America is a republic, not a democracy.

The whole premise is silly. Reagan and Bush were using democracy as an antonym for dictatorship, whereas others use democracy in a more literal sense, where the rights of the people are not protected from the emotions of the masses or of the legislature of the day.

Watch the video below:

So to recap… If you have a proper and correct understanding of American history and our official form of government, you’re a conspiracy theorist, according to CNN.

Our media is so broken and corrupted.

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