Col. Kurtz on 2024 Election Day: “There Will be Blood.”

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Colonel Kurtz’s Red Hats will “apply all necessary force” to prevent Democrat election workers from manipulating ballots and tampering with voting machines in the 2024 presidential election, even if it means a clash of arms on the streets of America.

A source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News that the temperamental Kurtz recently sent another message saying his forces were prepped to safeguard the upcoming election and would employ lethal force against any cabalists foolish enough to participate in election theft a second time. His invective-laced message cautioned Gen. Smith to train his troops properly so they wouldn’t fire upon Red Hats if the two groups met on the battlefield—the seven hotly contested battleground states.

“Violence is inevitable, unavoidable, so be mindful of at whom your men point their rifles. We’ll stay on target if you do,” Kurtz wrote in a letter to Gen. Smith.

Kurtz, who claims to have over 50,000 men at his disposal, said Red Hats would swiftly engage ballot harvesters everywhere while closely watching states like Arizona and Nevada for indicators of Deep State villainy. His often-erratic tone seemed to suggest he predicts that White Hats, too, will patrol contested states with weapons drawn. Although sources in Gen. Smith’s office have said U.S. Marines, JAG, and the Army Criminal Investigation Division would work jointly to stop a repeat of 2020, they did not mention armed and open conflict. To the contrary, White Hats have generally preferred covert ops over direct actions, as they don’t want the streets of America to become a veritable bloodbath—collateral damage and civilian casualties.

If his writing is sincere, Kurtz seems willing and able to escalate conflict against forces both nefarious and shadowy bent on foisting Biden and his regime on America a second time.

“If I hear about even one voting machine in a Republican district suddenly not working or machines changing votes, there will be blood, and the streets will run red with it like a river. We are at war, and idleness is intolerable. You have your plan, and I mine, and I’m willing to tear the whole thing down if I must. You, of all people, General Smith, know what 50,000 trained and determined men can do,” Kurtz had written.

Our source said Gen. Smith regards Kurtz’s 50,000 troops claim skeptically.

“He hasn’t seen proof Kurtz has that many men, and Kurtz could be inflating his roster to make himself look more powerful than he really is. But that doesn’t mean we’re dismissing him. Even if he has 5,000 trained men and can equip them, they could unleash incredible carnage,” he said.

Asked how White Hats would respond to Red Hat gunfire sweeping America’s streets, he added, “Obviously, I can’t telegraph those plans even if I knew them. For myself, we and them aren’t so different. We want an identical outcome. Kurtz’s threshold for what’s acceptable is just higher than ours.”

The source had apparently forgotten that White Hats and Red Hats have a discordancy; whereas the former aims to annihilate the Deep State and ensure Trump’s reinstatement to the Oval Office, the latter has ambiguous feelings for 45 and views him as the lesser of two evils. In his face-to-face with General Smith last month, Kurtz said that since the Deep State successfully penetrated Trump’s inner circle and ensconced itself within his Cabinet in 2016, it would accomplish that goal in 2024. And about President Trump’s “plan,” he constantly edits it to make himself appear more potent and formidable than he is, according to Kurtz.

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