Comedian who was punched on stage after ‘sexualised’ comment about man’s child speaks out


The comedian who ended up getting punched on stage after making a ‘sexualised’ comment about a man’s child has spoken out.

It seems the funnyman took a joke too far for this bloke as he ended up storming the stage to land a blow – Will Smith 2.0?

Jaime Caravaca was performing in Madrid, Spain, on Monday (June 4) when a video was captured of the altercation and soon went viral.

The clip showed a man, since identified as Alberto Pugliato, rushing over to the comedian while he was delivering a monologue.

And then as he seems to nervously ask ‘who are you’, Pugliato emerges from the crowd, bounds on stage and throws a punch.

Understandably, Caravaca looked pretty shaken up as the dad began demanding he repeated a controversial comment he had made on X the day before about his three-month-old son.

A well-known far-right activist, Pugliato said he was furious over a post the comedian made when responding to a snap of him with his little boy and the caption: “Pride and joy.”

Caravaca had responded to this selfie to say: “No one will be able to avoid the possibility of [your son] being gay.” He then added that when the kid is older, he’ll become sick of ‘sucking black d**k’.

Pugliato accused him of making ‘paedophilic comments’ as he ranted on the stage and got very riled up.

Following the viral altercation, the comedian spoke out on X as he shared an apology.

“After what happened, what was intended to be a joke was ultimately an unfortunate and not at all appropriate comment on my part,” Caravaca wrote.

“My apologies to anyone who feels affected. Let’s put violence aside and leave a good world for people to grow free.”

In the viral video, Pugliato can be heard shouting the likes of: “What’s up huh? What have you said? This is for the paedophilic comments he has made about my son. Will you repeat now what you said about my son?”

As others tried to calm the situation and the comedian asked to chat, he continued: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m just a father who is defending his child. He has made sexualising comments about my three-month-old son.”

Following Caravaca’s public apology, Pugliato responded to say: “I accept your apology, Jaime. I defend freedom of expression in the same way that I defend the right to respond.

“I do not wish you any harm and I hope this helps others understand that children are sacred. All the best.”

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