Dad ruins his daughter’s graduation by blocking her from shaking hands with man he ‘didn’t want touching her’


A dad has been accused of ruining his daughter’s graduation by manhandling one of the people she was supposed to be shaking hands with on stage.

A high school student who was graduating from Baraboo High School in Wisconsin stepped onto the stage, was handed her diploma and started moving down the line of people with hands to shake.

However, things went very quickly wrong as her dad got onto the stage and physically forced the district superintendent away.

According to Wisc News, superintendent Rainey Briggs was grabbed by his right arm by the man and pushed away, with the man heard to say ‘that’s my daughter’.

“You better get up off me man. Get away from me bro,” Briggs said to the man as staff and police officers stepped in and intervened.

At one point a man’s voice could be heard saying: “I don’t want her touching him.”

All his daughter could do was stand on the stage and look absolutely mortified at the scene her dad had created, as he was later escorted out of the school by police.

News 3 Now reported that people were claiming that the dad did it ‘in protest of how the superintendent and the district handled bullying incidents related to his daughter’.

However, others who’ve seen the footage called him out saying he ‘just ruined his daughter’s graduation’ while offering their sympathies to the girl.

“She will only have one high school graduation, and he decided to make it about him,” someone else said.

A statement from Hailey Wagner, the director of communications for the School District of Baraboo, said: “Our primary focus remains on celebrating the achievements of our graduates.

“The evening celebrated their accomplishments, and we are incredibly proud of them.

“We would like to emphasize that the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and community members is a top priority.

“The School District of Baraboo is taking this incident very seriously.”

Baraboo High School became infamous in 2018 for a photo of several students doing a Nazi salute which ended up being widely reported.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, at the time the district’s then-superintendent Lori Mueller said the school was ‘not in a position to punish the students for their actions’ because of their right to free speech.

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