Eddie Hall delivers brutal face plant as he KOs two brothers in one round in MMA debut


Eddie Hall just made his MMA debut in a somewhat unorthodox fight, but he came out on top by delivering a brutal KO to his opponents.

Last night (7 June), he stepped into the octagon for a World Freak Fight League event at King George’s Hall in Blackburn.

Going up against the former World’s Strongest Man were TikToking brothers Jamil and Jamel Neffati.

Even the two of them together were nowhere near the same weight class as Hall, as during the fight weigh-in he was almost six stone heavier than both of them combined.

Right from the start of the fight, the Neffati brothers seemed to know that they were outmatched, keeping their distance from Hall and his mighty physique.

They just circled the man-mountain that is Hall, until he got frustrated enough to shout at them to ‘just f**king do something’.

For the first two rounds, they didn’t want to get anywhere near Hall and he couldn’t catch up to them when he tried to get close, which resulted in the crowd booing what was surely not the greatest of spectacles.

These people had come to see a fight, and it wasn’t until round three they got what they wanted.

The Neffati brothers finally decided to see if they could lay some hands on Hall, and quickly discovered that stepping into the octagon with him had been a grave mistake.

Alright, maybe that was a bit much, neither of them died at Hall’s hands during his MMA debut but he was able to pick up one of the brothers and suplexed his face into the ground.

Brother number two came in to try and salvage the situation by attempting to wrestle with Hall, but to no avail.

The first brother recovered from his suplex and staggered back into the fight, only to be put right out of it again as he was KO’d by Hall with just one punch.

From there the rest of the fight was a formality, and of course, the win went to Eddie Hall.


Before the fight, the brothers had said: “I’m surprised he took the fight, I thought he was bigger.

“He keeps saying he’s going to do this and that, but he is so slow. We’ve been training with professional fighters, not teddy bears like me.

“I can imagine after 45-seconds he is going to want help sent for him or throw in the towel and go crying.”

Afterwards, one of them admitted ‘it must have been a good punch as I cannot remember anything’.

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