Europe’s ‘most underrated’ destination where a long weekend costs less than £200 for everything

Travelling on a budget can be tough even in the days of bargain Ryanair flights and cheap as chips hotel resorts. But one British TikToker has revealed her favourite place to visit this year, dubbing it Europe’s ‘most underrated’ destination.

Find the deals and you’re quids in, but finding them in the first place is the hard part.

This is where research comes in to play and checking out what people recommend.

Yep, we all know about the Romes, Benidorms and Pragues of this world. It’s the hidden gems that people want now, which can take a bit of planning and research.

Over on TikTok, @emsbudgettravel offers countless budget travel tips for those wanting to visit the world without paying premium prices.

And in one recent video, Em revealed her favourite destination so far in 2024 after having visited nine places across the globe.

A ‘hidden gem’, there’s good news on this front in that Ryanair has recently started flying to the country so you can get there as easy and cheap as it comes.

And to make things better once more, you get spend a long weekend there for less than £200. And that’s the cost of everything. Incredible value in an absolutely stunning part of the world.

“This is one of the most underrated countries in Europe and one of the cheapest I’ve been to nine countries so far in 2024,” she says.

“And this was definitely my favourite is such a hidden gem and even better, Ryanair has recently started flying here really cheaply.

“So I’ve just come back from four days in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is a country in the Balkans in Eastern Europe.

“I only spent £158.44 in total for everything including flights, accommodation, food, activities, transport. Literally everything.

“So it definitely lives up to the reputation of being one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe. We stayed in the capital of Sarajevo, which is a beautiful city and it felt really safe.”

She added: “The locals were very friendly. Even the bus drivers. The whole country is filled with stunning scenery, mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls.

“If you come to Bosnia you also have to visit Mostar, which is a small city about two hours away from the capital on the train. So it’s an easy day trip, but this was the highlight of the trip for me.

“The city felt so magical and it was perfect base to explore for hours. People also jumped off the bridge here into the river, which was interesting too.

“Overall, it was an amazing trip and I definitely wanted more than the four days I had here so this is somewhere I’ll definitely be revisiting to explore more.”

A quick search shows that Ryanair will fly you to Sarajevo International Airport for as little as £19.99 from London Stansted Airport.

Four star hotels in Sarajevo can be as low as £45 a night too, which is just over £20 each if you go with a partner or mate.

For lovers of travel shows, Bosnia and Herzegovina is visited in BBC2 programme The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan where he tries to gear himself up to jump off of the very bridge pictured above.

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