Fourth Charlatan Juror Arrested by JAG on Long Island

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U.S. Navy JAG investigators have arrested a fourth juror who dishonestly found President Trump guilty of doctoring business records to obfuscate payments allegedly made to a skanky porn star so his unproven tryst with her wouldn’t damage his 2016 presidential run.

As reported last week, U.S Marines and Special forces snatched up three of twelve charlatan jurors as part of a broader mission to crush both the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and jurors it bribed or otherwise influenced to incriminate an innocent man.

According to a JAG debriefing report reviewed by Real Raw News, the fourth juror—name redacted but described as a male in the finance industry—was apprehended in the parking lot at Republic Executive Airport in Farmingdale, New York, where he intended to board a Cessna Citation he had chartered to fly him to Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. Investigators shadowing him for days converged on his car at 7:45 p.m. Friday, yanking him from the driver’s seat and hurling him to the ground after he tried reversing into a three-point turn to escape. He soiled himself when told he was under arrest for suspicion of treason and would soon answer the charge at a Guantanamo Bay military tribunal.

The debrief states he cowered in fear and sobbed hysterically as an investigator snapped the cuffs on him and informed him that he was now a detainee, or enemy combatant, and had thus forfeited his rights.

“At that point,” a JAG source told Real Raw News, “He said he didn’t know if Trump was guilty and was just toeing the line because that’s what the court and the other jurors expected of him. Then he really blundered.”

The juror told investigators a bulging duffel bag with $1.75 million cash was in the car trunk and that they could have it if they let him catch his flight, to which they cordially informed him they were seizing the money and arresting him regardless.

“He wasn’t broke, made a decent living but not that good. We investigated his finances and saw he is mortgaged up the ass and had 50 grand in credit card debt. And he never had that much cash in his account to withdraw. We don’t know how and from whom he got it—he didn’t while we had him under surveillance.”

Our source added that the juror has since been taken to JAG’s Pensacola processing center and interrogated.

“The weasel said it wasn’t a bribe, but we’ll find out if it was. He claims he was squirreling money away for a rainy day. Well, for him, it’s pouring out, and he’s screwed. We’ll put that money to good use—a donation to Trump’s campaign,” our source said in closing

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