JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of JULY 3, 2024

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE VIDEO: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of JULY 3, 2024: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, restoredrepublic. Co. Judy, note, as I understand it, Biden was not elected US President due to 2020 election fraud. A count by the military of official watermarked ballots showed that Trump won the 2020 election in every state, but two by an over 80% vote count. President Trump will likely be reinstated as the duly elected US President prior to the announcement of Nizra. Under Nizra rules, new elections must be held within 120 days after the Nizra announcement.

If Nizra is announced on Monday eighth of July, they will have 119 days or until 2:00 fifth of November to hold a new election. It’s all quite mysteriously precisely timed out. You’d think it was part of a plan. What we think we know this of twos. July second, 2024, free MedBed treatments were coming that would revolutionize the healthcare industry. There was indisputable evidence that the military special operations were protecting President Donald J. Trump and his Vice President, John F. Kennedy Jr. As they restored the Republic of the United States. During the 2020 election vote count, the military was also counting ballots.

Theirs were officially watermarked. They found that Trump won in all but two states with an over 80% majority vote. All indications were that a devastating stock market crash was about to take place. The CIA is considered the world’s most corrupt government agency, operates on US taxpayer monies in an unlimited and non-audited black budget, and makes billions on drugs, child sex trafficking, and weapons running. Two. July second, 2024, three liberal Supreme Court judges recused themselves in lawsuit over 2020 election. Two’s. July second, 2024, Biden administration flying migrants deported by Trump back into the US.

In June 2016, the Secret Service thwarted an assassination attempt on then candidate Donald Trump in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. There is a video recording in a motel room of Biden and two governors planning an assassination of Trump. It’s fascinating that in the Supreme Court oral arguments re:President Immunity, Opinion Just Released, heavy focus was paid to the concept of a President ordering the military to assassinate his or her political rivals, and whether or not such actions would be interpreted as official v. Unofficial. Monday, first of July, Situation Update, video WTPN Situation Update, July first, 2024. 2s. July second, 2024.

Judy Byington Bomshelle Report. It’s BQM time. The Black Swan is coming. When the EBS goes off, the lights go out. The The end is near. A. Wars and rumors of wars. Putin Threatens Biden after US-guided attack on Russia. B. Global Currency Reset 2s. July second, 2024. Bruce, The Big Call. Iraq was supposed to put the it with a new dinar rate in the Gazette on Wednesday third of July. The virtual edition was published with a new rate in it last Saturday 28th of June.

The word from a redemption center head was that Tier 4B, US, the Internet group, were going to get on Friday fifth of July and receive appointments over the weekend. In the US, the R&R restitution monies would come out in the month of July. You will receive your R&R at your appointment. They should offer you the higher dinar contract rate at your exchange. Trump should be back as President sometime between the fourth and 15th of July. Nizrish should be announced the eighth or the ninth. Two’s. July second, 2024 Bank Story, Iraqi Dinar Bank Story. My jaw-dropping experience.

Monday, July first, 2024, Wolverine. There will be no announcement of the RV. The notifications for Tier 4B to exchange will just come out without warning and should come sometime this week. I received a call, but can’t say much because everything is confidential. Everyone is under NDAs. Tier 4B monies have been positioned. Private contractors are being paid. Bondholders are in position. I’ve seen the signed contracts and certified documents for the reset. Hold on. It’s coming. Sunday, June 30th, 2024. Breakfast with Tiffany. Usd funds for trigger files have been released and will be ready for disbursement next Monday,

eighth of July and prerequisites for launching USN bills now being finalized and scheduled for disbursement on it July eighth. Jaisara is supposed to be announced July eighth as well. Been further advised trigger bond payment Monday first and bond redemption payments Thursday fourth. Public release of USN bills and currency revaluation starting the eighth. The global currency reset release of funds across the world has been given. With funds coming directly from the US Treasury Department of Defense operations, the launch of the RV was slowed down due to many hacker and cyber attacks.

There will be an Internet blackout, The White Hat military are in control of the redemption process. Wells Fargo and HSBC are leading these operations across the globe. There are local institutions in countries around the world that are connected and ready for global notifications with access to Treasury Department departments in the different countries. All banks have signed confidentiality agreements, NDA, so it is normal for everything to be silent. Notifications have gone out to Tier 4A, a small group of Tier 4B, and some bondholders. The RV is being negotiated on the Forex. Sunday, June 30th, 2024, Mike Burra,

the bondholder has been told he will be paid this week. I was told what day, but cannot share it. Marks reported that an announcement about lower denominations has been made in Iraq. Sunday, June 30th, 2024, look for something to happen around Monday eighth of July in regards to the Nizr’a announcement that will tie in with November fifth, allowing for the 120 days. Two’s. July second, 2024. Boom. Exposing the Cosmos Deepest Secrets, Starlink, QFS, Project Oden, and Mossad satellites, quantum financial systems, and Project Oden. See Global Financial Crisis, TUS. July second, 2024.

News alert. Bricks versus Wall Street. J. P. Morgan predicts devastating US stock market crash and financial Apocalypse. 2s. July second, 2024. Bricks. J. P. Morgan predicts huge US stock market crash. Twos. July second, 2024. A black swan event in the private credit market may be coming. Here’s what you need to know. Twos. July second, 2024. Boeing corruption. Bye-bye, Boeing. Hello, anti-gravity aircraft, Maglev, flying cars, and Teleportation 2s. July second, 2024, BRICS nations were set to target another major sector to eliminate the US dollar, this time being the grain market. Indeed,

Russian officials are seeking to create a grain exchange that will allow the direct purchase of grain from producers. Additionally, it would allow for nations to agree on non-dollar settlements. 2s. July second, 2024, North Carolina. Date of Breach, US Bank exposes customers’ name, act number, date of birth. A leading local bank from North Carolina has come under intense scrutiny for exposing personal details of its customers. A class action lawsuit has now been pressed against the truest bank for alleged identity theft. A plaintiff accused the US Bank of a data breach and failing to safeguard its customers’ personal information.

Two. July second, 2024, Walgreens to shutter over 2,000 US stores due to inflation. The pharmacy chain will be shuttering the locations across the United States. Tus. July second, 2024. Boeing to be criminally indicted for fraud. 2:00. July second, 2024. Wells Fargo closes eight branches in one week. Monday, July first, 2024. Okay, so what we know going forward as to what’s happening in the US, a banking crash is coming. When that happens, you will not be able to use ATMS, credit cards, cash will be king, so have enough to get you through a good two weeks. There will be chaos.

Stores will be taken down to bare bones, so have enough provisions to get you through this time. Make sure you are locking windows and doors. Secure your homes for potential predators that want what you have. Be prepared. Do some thinking about if there is a power outage, are you prepped? Keep your car gassed up. Extra water food for animals. Think two weeks. This is not to scare you. It is to prepare your mind for what’s coming. There are going to be neighbors that aren’t prepared, so be aware of that. Above all else, pray for the best outcome. If you take medication,

have plenty on hand. We’re getting very close to this going down. Japan is in financial breakdown now. We will be next. And we have a World War III scenario looming, so put your helmets on and be prepared. We have no dates on this, just event-driven. It’s coming. Rv highlights on Telegram. D-restored Republic, twos. July second, 2024, BQQM. Military Intel, the evidence of military special operations.

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