Man giving away free couch receives ‘very normal message’ and then realises he’s not the only one


When you’re buying something second-hand there are the obvious checks you’re going to do first.

Is it broken? How used is it? Is it clean? And there might be other, weirder, things we wonder to, but we don’t always ask.

Except when this person was looking for a new sofa they didn’t hold back.

Those not too bothered about trying to rinse people of their cash and want to just get rid of their stuff will put them up on Facebook Marketplace for free.

Like this American man who wrote on X: “Trying to get rid of a couch today and got this very normal message.”

The bloke then shared a screenshot from someone interested in taking the furniture off his hands.

“Hi Max, is this still available?” So, pretty normal question so far.

But then they continue: “Any drinks or j*zz stains lol? Have to ask this day and age.” I mean, bold and a little awkward but I guess no one wants to chill out on a sofa that someone’s left their c*m on.

Although, the potential buyer did oddly add: “I hope a good story if so!

“Otherwise looks like a solid, comfy couch.”

And users pointed out: “The way this reads, this individual might be *hoping* for j*zz stains.”

However, while the sofa seller might have been shocked to receive that message, it seems he’s really not the only one.

Another replied to say their ‘buddy got the exact same message in August 2023’ and also from Chicago, like the original poster. And yet another user put: “I was selling a rug a few months ago in Chicago and got the same message. I think this dude is seeking out j*zz stained furniture.”

The original poster revealed he had ‘immediately blocked’ the person sending these copy and paste messages as he said: “The Chicago fetish community apparently doesn’t sleep.”

As one even said: “It’s actually insane that 10 years ago I gave away a couch and also got a message like this. What the f**k man.”

Although one did say: “Let’s be honest it’s a fair question.”

Another noted: “’This day and age’ is what gets me,” as others wrote: “What day and age does he think we’re in? Genuinely curious.”

And one user joked: “Tell him you can put the stains there on request but it costs extra.”

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