Man who has lived on cruise for 23 years is now suffering health side effects


A man who has spent the entirety of the last 23 years living on a cruise ship is currently suffering from the health side effects of his decision.

Mario Salcedo has been loving his life at sea, sailing his life away after quitting his stressful job as an international finance director at a large-scale corporation in the US.

It turns out that it’s not as breezy and easy going as it seems though, as he is now paying the price for his lifestyle choice with a number of health side effects.

Aside from a two-week break each year and a 15-month forced hiatus during the COVID pandemic, the Cuban man has spent 23 years at sea.

He decided to leave dry land for good in the late 1990s, embarking on a number of cruises after becoming sick and tired of the tedious plane travel that his job required.

He says that he lived in hotel rooms more than he did in his own Miami home, which he still has, and so handed in his notice aged 47.

This was followed by more than 100 back-to-back cruises before finding his one true love at sea.

No, it’s not a person, it’s Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas.

Salcedo has previously called the vessel ‘revolutionary’, and was caught under its spell as it featured ‘so many elements that took cruising to another dimension’.

Mario Salcedo now suffers from ship-related side effects after living on a cruise ship for over 20 years. (Royal Caribbean Blog)

His loyalty to the cruise company has been rewarded ever since, as he has exclusively stayed on their cruises since that voyage.

And as of 2016, he has spent over £1 million on his lavish habit.

However, when the investment management business CEO decides to stop on land, he runs into a few obstacles.

Almost a quarter of a century at sea seems to have had an effect on his body, so despite the fact that he has become immune to seasickness, he’s not the best at being on dry land anymore.

That may sound ridiculous, but the man has claimed to have a permanent pair of sea legs after acclimatising himself to life on the ship.

The cruise expert explained the unique physical side effect in an interview with Condé Nast Traveller: “I’ve lost my land legs, so when I’m swaying so much I can’t walk in a straight line,

“I’m so used to being on ships that it feels more comfortable to me than being on land.”

He is part of the furniture on board. (All Things Cruise)

It doesn’t come as a surprise though, as he has become pals with the staff on board, even earning the nickname ‘Super Mario’, which he loves and is set to stay.

Due to his top ranking in Royal Caribbean’s loyalty tiers, the man gets free internet access, which means that he can run his investment management business remotely while living exactly where he wants – at sea.

Salcedo estimates that the estimated £64,945 ($82,000) that he spends per year on board is worth every bit, as he can enjoy an ocean view and a pool deckchair, instead of a wall and a desk chair while working.

When he closes his laptop though, you can find him scuba diving, waltzing around the ballroom or kicking back with a cigar in the dedicated lounge.

Not bad.

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