Marines Rush to Protect SCJ Samuel Alito

United States Marines are bodyguarding Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and his wife, Martha-Ann Alito, Real Raw News has learned.

The deployment took place Monday after specialists at U.S. Army Cyber Command overheard a conversation between Kamala Harris and Senator Chuck Schumer, in which they made veiled threats against the Alitos for flying “politically affiliated” flags at their homes and, later, promising to retaliate against newsmongers who misconstrued the flag-flying to generate clicks for controversy.

“We really must do something about Justice Alito and his wife,” Harris told Schumer.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Schumer replied.

“That depends on what you’re thinking, Chuck, but probably yes,” Harris said.

The Alito ordeal started last month when unfurled “Appeal to Heaven” and upside-down American flags were spotted at the couple’s homes. The flags are symbols of Christianity and patriotism, respectively, but the media incorrectly linked them to right-wing extremism and White nationalism and challenged Alito’s ability to equitably interpret the law.

Justice Alito responded to the absurdity by saying his wife had raised the flags not as political statements but as a response to a neighbor’s personal attacks. The media, however, seldom accepts rational explanations and amplified the spread of vitriolic hatred toward the Alitos, even calling for Justice Alito’s immediate resignation.

The White Hats at ARCYBER who earwigged Harris and Schumer’s powwow said the Deep State wants Alito “eliminated” if he will not recuse himself from the bench or retire to some far-off corner of the world. Our sources at ARCYBER said the Harris-Schumer conversation was one of several threats overheard in the last few weeks.

“It’s no secret the Deep State wants the conservative majority ousted. I can’t go into every example, but credible chatter about Alito increased dramatically after the flag nonsense. It’s our belief the Deep Staters might arrange some sort of accident for him, and because of that, we informed General Smith and his people,” the source said.

Our source said that General Smith had reviewed the intelligence and had spoken with Justice Alito. Alito initially opposed having Marines stationed at his residences, saying they’d be an evident and burdensome inconvenience when his and his wife’s lives underwent microscopic scrutiny. But hearing recordings of Deep Staters’ tacit and explicit threats convinced Justice Alito to acquiesce, especially after hearing Harris refer to Mrs. Alito as a “fuc*** bitch” in need of a deep hole in the ground.  The general assured the Alitos his vigilant and combat-hardened Marines would remain inconspicuous and appear from the shadows only if they sensed imminent threats.

Still, Alito had reservations. He asked General Smith why he needed Marine protection when it was the job of the U.S. Marshals Service to safeguard Supreme Court justices. The general noted that the Marshals Service operated under the auspices of Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice and, therefore, could not be trusted. In fact, he told Alito that White Hats last year arrested six U.S. Marshals for plotting to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanah. This was new news to Real Raw News, and we are following up on those arrests.

As of this writing, an unknown number of Marines have reinforced the Alitos’ properties, with orders to use “lethal force” against Deep State assailants eager to remove Justice Alito from the judicial battlefield.

“The Marines are there and will act to protect Justice Alito at all cost,” our source said.

As an aside, White Hats want more information on why Justice Clarence Thomas admitted to visiting Bohemian Grove, a 1,200-acre Deep State enclave in Monte Rio, California, known for ritualistically torturing and sacrificing children to demonic deities, in 2019.

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