McDonald’s drop brand new menu today introducing never-before-seen burger


The day has finally arrived for McDonald’s to drop their brand new menu – and although all the items are strong contenders, the never-before-seen burger might sweep the board.

The fast food giant is bringing in a string of new snacks which are expected to be summer staples for Brits who fancy a bite to eat while enjoying the hot weather or watching the Euros.

Between the ‘Surprize Fries’ promotion, the changes to Happy Meal boxes and the brand new £3 meal deal option, there’s a lot going on at McDonald’s at the moment.

But now, the eight new menu items are set to steal the spotlight as they are introduced today (29 May).

Stars of the show include the Chicken Sharebox – filled with six chicken selects, six chicken nuggets and four dips – for £10.59 as well as the 9 Chicken Select Sharebox for £8.49.

Mozzarella bites are also making a comeback and cost £2.39, while McDonald’s fans can also enjoy a Skittles or Galaxy Caramel McFlurry for £2.19, as well as a Galaxy Chocolate and Raspberry Pie for just £1.99.

But the most popular product by far is set to be the brand new burger which is joining the menu today.

Dubbed ‘The Hat Trick’, the football-themed item is packed with three beef patties, two slices of cheese, grilled onions, mustard, and ketchup, which is all sandwiched between a glazed sesame seed bun.

For just £7.69 for a medium meal and £5.89 as a single item, it’s definitely worth a try if you’re a Maccies fan who likes things that come in threes – like a hat trick.

As one door opens, another closes though and Brits will have to say goodbye to 12 beloved snacks today too.

The Chicken Big Mac, the Quarter Pounder, the Cheese & Herb Melts, the Galaxy Chocolate Mini McFlurry are among the items being axed to make room for the summer selection.

The condiment range at McDonald’s is also getting a makeover, as customers can pick up some of the new and improved dips which are ‘the perfect chicken companion’ including Garlic Mayo as well as Sweet and Smoky BBQ.

All of this might scupper our plans to have banging summer bodies, but as we all know too well, these menus don’t stay the same for long – so go and treat yourself to The Hat Trick while you can.

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