One word is ‘banned’ on a cruise ship according to passenger who accidentally said it on-board

According to a cruise ship passenger, there is one word you should never say whilst at sea.

Cruising can be one of the most luxurious ways to travel, of course, that’s providing you don’t get sea sick easily.

Like any holiday resort, there’s rules that guests have to abide by, but one man was shocked when he heard the extent to which the rules go.

Marc Sebastian is on Royal Caribbean’s nine-month cruise, though he is only onboard for the South America-Antarctica leg.

He has been documenting his journey on his TikTok page, and it turns out that the rules go way past lights out by 10pm and keep the noise down a bit.

Viewers have been baffled by the crazy niches of the cruise, such as an iron being $8 to use.

But the biggest no-go of all, is one that Marc unfortunately learnt the hard way.

Apparently, one thing you should never talk about whilst out at sea on a cruise is the Titanic.

Now, whilst it doesn’t take a scientist to work out why this might be, it’s a strange unwritten rule to have.

In the clip, he said: “Who knew that? I didn’t.

“I brought up to an entire room of people having lunch that our ship is only 100 feet longer than the Titanic.”

And the sheer mention of the ship apparently had people’s jaws dropping.

“When I tell you that, utensils dropped okay. Waiters gasped dead silent.” he said.

It wasn’t until his friend leant across the table and dropped the hint.

He mentioned that the ship didn’t come ‘with a f***ing handbook’, and whilst that’s fair enough, we can see why it might make people feel uneasy.

But people in the comments said their fascination would be too strong to not talk about it whilst onboard the ship.

One said: “I’m sorry if I’m going on a boat, I’m talking about Titanic and OceanGate.”

Another said: “Not being able to talk about the Titanic would definitely ruin the experience for me.”

A third added: “Is the titanic thing for cruises the same as like macbeth for theatre?”

And if you thought the quirks of the ship couldn’t get any weirder, well, you were wrong.

Further in the video, he revealed that ships tend to have ‘godmothers’ – the particular one he was on being Whoopi Goldberg…which is kind of iconic.

There was even a framed picture of the actress.

According to Cruise Critic, a ship’s godmother is said to ‘bring good luck and protection to the vessel’.

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