People are seriously struggling to find engagement ring in photo and you’ll need eagle-eyes to see it

A woman who lost her engagement ring asked the internet to help her find it – but you’ll need eagle-eyes to spot it.

The internet is full of brainteasers and optical illusions – remember the gold and blue dress?

It often divides people online who can see one thing or another, as well as those baffling maths questions that are never the obvious answer.

Well, one user on Reddit has baffled people all over again, after uploading a picture of small rocks and pebbles, claiming that her engagement ring was lost in and amongst them somewhere.

The puzzling photo was captioned: “Find my wedding ring.”

It’s clear that the picture was snapped at the beach, with a collection of rocks and seashells taking up the entirety of the frame – and a wedding ring nowhere to be seen at first glance.

Perhaps even after 20 glances, because users were completely baffled.

Since it was posted, it racked up over 15,000 likes and 1,600 comments.

One person said: “No ring but I do see a snake, a toy army man, a socket and a baby moose.

“I suck at this.”

Another said: “It’s the worst when you know it’s dead centre and still don’t see it.”

A third added: “You know what? No… Find your own wedding ring!

“There I said it.”

But some people were quicker to find the ring than others and attempted to help others. One said: “Little piece of advice – always start with the middle in these pictures.”

Another added: “Find the small horizontal stick in the centre.

“It’s a little left and down from that.”

Well it turns out that the ring does actually feature in the image, and to find it, you’re going to have to get your mega zoom on.

It can be located by zooming in on the picture around the centre, and despite most rocks being the same colour, it is found next to a cream rock with a leaf underneath it.

As well as the ring, one person claimed they found another obscure item in the rocks.

They wrote: “Found it, but also something else that could be a tiny piece of jewellery, or something, or nothing.

“If a chessboard grid was in the picture, the object would be at 6B or 5B ish.”

Another person added: “I saw 3 things that looked like rings, came here to guess, then saw the hint and realised I was wrong with the first three things.

“I’m so bad at this game!”

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