San Francisco Declares Itself A Sanctuary City For Transgender People

In a unanimous vote on Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution declaring the city a sanctuary city for people who are transgender, gender non-conforming, intersex, and Two Spirit, a Pan-Indian term describing people who are neither male nor female.

LifeSite news reports: It was also amended to condemn the Cass Review, a report from the United Kingdom’s National Health Service that warned against allowing minors to receive surgical and chemical mutilation to appear to look like the opposite sex.

Sex, however, is both binary and immutable. This is both a biological fact and a moral truth.

Additionally, there is a mountain of evidence from studies, personal testimonies, and medical organizations that warns against the dangers of transgender drugs and surgeries, sometimes misleadingly called “gender-affirming care.”

One supervisor appeared to hint that he hopes San Francisco will help out-of-state minors who are seeking transgender procedures but cannot get them due to limits in their own state.

“A majority of these laws specifically target transgender people, including youth,” Superior Rafael Mandelman said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “As other cities and states turn up the hate, places like San Francisco need to turn up the love.”

“With this resolution, we are reaffirming that our City has been and will continue to be a sanctuary and a beacon for our transgender and gender non-conforming siblings,” Mandelman said, avoiding using the phrase “brothers and sisters.”

A center-right commentator criticized the “sanctuary city” designation.

“I hate to remind these folks, but in lawless California, thugs and felons will rob, beat, rape, and murder you whether you’re a woman or a man pretending to be a woman,” Tomi Lahren wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “It’s equal opportunity.”


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