Scientists Confirm Michelle Obama Is a Biological Male – Media Blackout

Barack Obama is busy behind the scenes laying the groundwork to thrust his wife Michelle Obama into the presidential race in place of the ailing and failing Joe Biden, according to multiple Democrat party insiders.

Things are so dire in the Biden camp that even the mainstream media has been forced to intervene and campaign for Biden to step down for the former first lady.

But there is just one problem for Barack Obama and his plans to steal yet another term in office by controlling another puppet president in the White House.

The Obamas have more skeletons in their closet than Ed Gein and now scientists are confirming that Michelle Obama was born male.

The truth is not the Obamas’ friend and its our job to expose this to the masses.

As the Democrats prepare to slide Michelle Obama into the gaping hole left by the limp Biden campaign, scientists performing facial analysis and facial recognition studies have confirmed the former first lady is in fact a biological male.

As Michelle Obama told her close friend Oprah Winfrey, she is planning to run for president to save America from Donald Trump and further the agenda of her husband Barack who she described as an LGBTQ+ hero.

Michelle Obama sure keeps interesting friends.

When Michelle is not telling Oprah about her plans to run as a male, she is vouching for serial rapist Harvey Weinstein as a wonderful human being.

While the media continue to promote and protect her by issuing fact checks, the cat is out of the bag now and even the hacks at CNN are comfortable referring to Michelle by the name that her brother-in-law Malik Obama says his entire family call her: Big Mike.

CNN contributor Mike Toobin, who was famously caught masturbating on a Zoom call with his CNN colleagues in 2022, isn’t the only far-left reprobate calling for Big Mike to replace Biden in the presidential race.

The entire staff of the New York Times are desperate for Mike to enter the fray as she positions herself as an icon in the transgender community, with young trans kids looking up to her as an inspirational figure to become like.

Michelle Obama has been hiding in plain sight for years but now we have proof in the form of government records that she is not what she claims to be.

Michelle Obama has begun appearing on Democrat voter registration letters in key states as Democrats prepare to switch candidates midstream following Biden’s disastrous first debate performance against Trump.

Inviting potential voters to “join us for a party at the polls,” the registration letters feature the visage of Michelle Obama and messages urging Democrat voters to “vote together” and “vote early.”

The voter registration letters don’t mention that the woman on the cover is a political fraud who spent most of her adult life registered to vote as a male.

According to official documents obtained from the Illinois State Board of Elections, Obama was officially registered as a male from 1994 to 2008 when she changed her sex to female.

Conveniently, this was the same year her husband was running for the presidency.

We made a whole video about these damning records which were obtained by FOIA request.

Since the early days of the Obama administration, citizens across the board have studied videos and photos of Michelle Obama and said that she is a man.

In 2014, comedienne Joan Rivers fuelled both rumors in responding to a TMZ reporter who innocently asked her whether the U.S. would ever elect a gay president.

Rivers wasn’t the only person from the Obamas past queuing up to blow the whistle. Michelle’s teenage boyfriend David Upchurch has also joined the party, admitting that she was not born a woman.

But this evidence pales in comparison to the close-up slow-motion videos of Michelle dancing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that show something undeniable lurking in her pants.

Remarkably, Michelle’s husband Barack has repeatedly slipped up and called her “Michael”… over and over again.

Hmm… Have you ever met a man who accidentally calls his wife by a man’s name?

You probably haven’t met a man whose wife stands accused of raping multiple underage girls with her penis, either.

This is the reality of our sick, diseased, evil world, there are thousands of pedophiles in high positions throughout every part of our society, from the judicial system to the education system, to law enforcement agencies to child protection services.

Pedophile child rapists have infiltrated every part of our world and mainstream media is doing everything it can to cover up the scandal and continue the abuse.

We are living in a world where Michelle Obama’s high school boyfriend can confirm she is a biological man and the mainstream media, whose job is to inform the masses, decides to cover up the story.

With Biden recording the lowest poll numbers for a sitting president in history, Democrats are preparing for Michelle Obama to step into the frame.

This would be a disaster for America and the world and we can stop it happening by sharing the information about the skeletons in Michelle’s closet with as many people as possible.

We are living in critical times and here at the People’s Voice we need your help to continue exposing the elite and hold them to account before its too late.

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