Seven Deep State Jurors in Custody; One Dead Resisting Arrest

Seven of the twelve Deep State-adjacent jurors who wrongfully convicted President Donald J. Trump on imaginary charges are currently in military custody at a JAG Holding center in South Florida, and an eighth jurist is dead, JAG sources told Real Raw News.

The deceased, a male in his early 30s and presumably the most boisterous anti-Trump critic of the dozen, was killed near his New York City home on June 20 after JAG investigators armed with a military arrest warrant confronted him while he was returning home from a coffee shop two blocks from his house. The incognito investigators presented their credentials and the warrant, and the juror claimed they had made an enormous mistake. He reportedly told investigators they had the wrong man and, in fact, espoused amorous affection for President Trump, saying he was MAGA and had twice voted for Trump.

He then showed investigators an Instagram page in someone else’s name with dozens of photographs showing the juror sporting MAGA regalia and posing next to an American Flag. One image was captioned “True Patriotism,” and another, “I Stand With Trump.”

Our source said the investigators realized at once that the juror was no MAGA because the Instagram account was only three days old, created to obfuscate his Deep State allegiances should anyone confront him.

Our source added that the investigators had been watching the juror for days and had positively identified him based on facial recognition evidence and video White Hats had taken of the jurors during the unlawful trial.

When shown a video snippet of himself sitting in the jury box at Trump’s trial, the juror became belligerent and told investigators, “He might look a little like me, but that’s definitely not me; you got the wrong guy. How did you get that footage anyway?”

“He started sweating visibly at that point, and it had nothing to do with the heatwave in the northeast,” our source said. “Our people asked to see his I.D., and that’s when the suspect escalated the situation.”

The juror, he explained, threw a punch at one of the investigators, then spun on his heels and started screaming for help at the top of his lungs while fleeing down the alley. The investigators chased him down and sent him crashing to the pavement—after his head had somehow forcibly struck a brick wall several times.

“It’s pretty stupid for people to run into brick walls,” our source said. “Heads aren’t made of steel.”

The juror started convulsing and died of blunt force trauma shortly afterward.

“We recovered the body, and we’re sure we have the right person,” our source said.

Real Raw News will provide details on the other jurors’ arrests tomorrow.

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