Terrifying reality of cruises at night might be enough to put you off going on one for life

So many people think that going on a cruise is the best way to depart on a long holiday, but there’s one thing nobody talks about.

If you’ve yet to embark on one, there’s something you need to know about before you sh*t your pants late at night.

No, it’s not sharks – which is actually a possibility depending on where you travel.

It’s actually an unseen side of cruises that only people who’ve been on one will understand.

Even though there’s some stingy rules that you need to follow as a guest, the serene ocean view makes it all worth it.

Whether you decide to go for a week, two weeks or even buy a flat on the ship, you’re always in for an amazing time.

That is…until it gets dark.

One TikToker revealed one thing about cruises that can make you forget how great it is.

User @chasingthedream.hj shared a horrid clip which might put some people off taking to the high seas.

The video begins by saying ‘Cruises are great until you realise’.

He explained: “Cruises are great until you realise how dark the ocean gets at night.”

Revealing that he has done a video before on this that racked up almost three million views, he mentioned that comments ask, ‘what do you expect, it gets dark at night’.

The TikToker continued: “Unless you’ve been on a cruise ship, you’re not going to understand how dark it gets at night.

“And then they say, ‘all you’re doing is showing the swimming pool’, it’s kind of because there’s nothing to see if you look overboard at night because it’s absolutely pitch black.”

Going on to describe it as ‘the blackest black you’ll ever see’, he showed viewers what he can see overboard, and it’s vile.

The absolutely pitch-black vastness beyond the boat is the stuff of nightmares, and it’s no surprise that people are actually afraid of boating.

Falling into that? No thanks.

He then asked viewers if this is the content they want to see. A minute of him filming the pitch black of the ocean, instead of the parties and events held on the pool deck.

Well, they were interested in seeing it before they knew what it would look like, that’s for sure.

One user said: “Imagine falling overboard at night, you survive the fall. Nobody saw it. You see the ship leaving. You’re alone and see nothing.” Creepy.

Another commented: “You can not pay me enough to go on a cruise”.

A third put: “Now imagine being on the Titanic with no moonlight…”

A lot of people vowed to never step foot on a cruise ship after seeing that, and I can’t even blame them.

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