Top BBC Presenter Found Dead After Vowing To Expose COVID Vaccines

The global elite and their useful idiots are scrambling to cover up the crimes against humanity they perpetrated during the Covid plandemic, as the truth emerges and threatens to destroy those who played god and culled the herd.

Protected by the complicit media, these murderers thought they had carried out the perfect crime.

But they made a fatal misjudgment. They underestimated us. There are those among us who cannot be bought out. There are those among us who will fight to the bitter end to expose their lies and serve them with justice.

Whistleblowers are coming forward one by one and try as they might, they will not be able to silence us all.

Operation Cover Up is in full force and those responsible for the crimes of the plandemic are terrified of the people waking up and serving them with the justice they deserve.

Make no mistake, the past is calling and the heat is rising for the elite.

The elite are acting like cornered rats, terrified of being exposed to the masses. The forced closure of Infowars is a case in point. The WEF and UN have been warning for years that they are going to crack down on free speech and independent media and now they are making their move.

Regardless of what they try to do, Alex Jones’ voice is vital and he will always have a home on The People’s Voice.

These are dangerous times to be a truth teller or a whistleblower. The elite have made it clear that anyone in a position of influence who threatens to expose their agenda must be dealt with.

Take Dr. David Kelly, for example. More than 15 years have passed since Kelly was found dead in an Oxfordshire wood in one of the darkest episodes of Tony Blair’s term as Prime Minister.

The official explanation was that the bioweapons expert had taken his own life by overdosing on painkillers and cutting his left wrist, devastated after being unmasked as the whistleblower who revealed the Government had lied to the public about weapons of mass destruction to make the case for the Iraq War.

Successive governments have refused to allow a full coroner’s inquest to be held, fueling the sense that he was punished for blowing the whistle and silenced for good.

Fast forward 15 years and Dr. Michael Mosley, the beloved British TV doctor was found dead in eerily similar circumstances after he went missing during a routine walk back to his hotel during a holiday on the Greek island of Symi.

A coroner on the island immediately declared Mosley’s death was “almost certainly of natural causes” however officials have not explained why the local police had CCTV footage of Mosley’s final resting place for four days before his body was found just meters from a popular bar.

Video showed the TV doctor making his way down towards the wall between the hills and beach before sinking to the ground in the spot where his body was found after a four-day search which gripped the British nation.

It appears they wanted his death to receive maximum media attention to have maximum impact.

Could the beloved doctor’s death have had anything to do with his work analyzing his own body’s response to the Covid vaccines?

Known for popularizing the 5:2 diet and his willingness to medically experiment on himself, BBC insiders reveal Mosley was preparing to use his vast influence in the UK to expose the disastrous consequences of the Covid vaccine roll out.

Mosley was horrified to discover that his blood work was getting worse and his bodily organs were slowly but surely shutting down.

In threatening to use his influence to inform the masses about the truth, did Dr. Mosley sign his own death certificate?

The deaths of hundreds of Big Pharma whistleblowers in recent years would suggest his death requires a full coroner’s inquest, as does Dr. David Kelly, the man who warned the world about the New World Order’s duplicitous plans for endless war.

In the meantime, we must protect the whistleblowers who are continuing to come forward. How can we do that? By amplifying their voices and turning them into heroes and household names.

A pro-vaccine doctor who encouraged thousands of patients to take the COVID-19 vaccine during the pandemic has admitted the vaccines are actually poison, and apologized for not doing her own due diligence.

Annette Bosworth also known as Dr. Boz uploaded a video to YouTube discussing a study detailing Covid vaccine harms, which she described as “the biggest crime in the history of medicine.”

The study cited by Dr. Boz has since been retracted due to supposed concerns with the validity and accuracy of some of the sources, something that Dr. Boz warned that she expected to happen in her video.

The elite are desperately scrambling to cover up all evidence of their crimes and studies which expose the truth must be suppressed at all costs.

While the mainstream media continues to suppress the crime, they cannot hide the number of deaths and cancer cases in the vaccinated community.

Dr. Peter McCullough recently discussed the terror that the vaccinated now face while he was interviewed by Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.

These are critical times and here at TPV Towers we are determined to expose the elite and hold them to account before its too late.

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