Top Neurosurgeon: ‘Biden Definitely Has Parkinson’s Disease Dementia’

President Biden exhibits obvious signs of severe Parkinson’s disease dementia, a top neurosurgeon has claimed.

The medical expert, who chose to remain anonymous, gave confirmation of the Biden’s diagnosis in an email to journalist Alex Berenson, saying Biden shows classic signs such as the absence of facial expressions and “gait instability.” reports: Responding to a previous article, where Berenson declared he’d vote Trump because “It’s obvious Joe Biden has some kind of age-related neurological illness, probably either Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s,” the neurosurgeon wrote:

He undoubtedly has Parkinson’s disease, and is increasingly suffering from Parkinson’s dementia.  The signs are unmistakable:

-his shuffling gait
-the absence of associated movements (facial expression, arm swinging). When he does swing his arms, it appears stilted – probably because his handlers have told him to swing his arms when he walks. It’s something we all do naturally, but it goes away in Parkinson’s disease
-gait instability
-soft voice
-ON and OFF periods – times when the medication seems to be working well, and when it isn’t (also explains how a good dose of Sinemet times right could get him more animated
-resting tremor is not prominent in Biden’s case, but this is true of many cases of Parkinsonism

The brain surgeon went on to assert Biden’s doctors “UNDOUBTEDLY know this,” adding, “this is worse than the Roosevelt secret.”

Judging by his current condition, the doctor assessed Biden over the next six months could begin having increased trouble walking, “eventually needing some sort of assistive device.”

“His gait and his expressionless face (called a ‘poker face’ in the Parkinson’s literature) are quite classic,” the neurosurgeon added.

Unfortunately for Democrats, the doctor’s diagnosis confirms their worst fears: they have a senile nursing home resident running as their party’s presidential candidate who will most assuredly lose to Donald Trump in November.

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