Unvaccinated Girl Dies After Australian Gov’t Denies Lifesaving Treatment Due to Vaccine Status

An unvaccinated teenage cancer patient was condemned to death by the Australian government after she refused to get double vaccinated and boosted with Covid-19 mRNA vaccines.

Dazelle Peters, 17, who was diagnosed with leukemia four years ago, lost her fight for life on Monday morning.

Dazelle’s case made headlines last year after it was revealed she was being refused the lung transplant needed to treat her blood cancer because she had refused the Covid-19 vaccine.

Due to her decision to remain unvaccinated, Dazelle was told that she would be a “major threat to everybody in the hospital” because she was unvaccinated, and the lung she desperately needed would be given to a “better candidate” who had “done the right thing.”

Dazelle’s father Josh Peters confirmed the tragic news in an video uploaded to social media platforms.

Peters thanked everyone who had sent messages of support to his daughter during her lengthy cancer battle, sparking an outpouring of tributes.

“Just know that Dazelle knew how much you all loved her,” he said.

Australian boxer George Kambosis Jr also paid his respects to the young girl he supported during her long cancer battle.


Dazelle had required a double lung transplant to help treat her leukemia, which is a type of blood cancer, but she had refused to get the Covid-19 jab.

The hospital acknowledged that Dazelle’s refusal to get vaccinated was a factor in the healthcare system’s refusal to place her on a waiting list for the lifesaving surgery.

A hospital spokesperson previously announced their “policies and guidelines wouldn’t support transplantation” of an unvaccinated person.

Vaccination status against various infections is a critical part of this assessment in order to ensure optimal prospects of survival post-transplant,’ a St Vincent’s hospital spokesperson said.

Mr Peters previously claimed a doctor at the hospital had told his daughter that if she did not get the vaccine and then caught Covid-19, she would be a “major threat to everyone [in the hospital] who has done the right thing.”

“The way he made us feel was that they didn’t want to give her the lung transplant,” Mr Peters, 45, previously told Daily Mail Australia.

Mr Peters alleged a doctor had also said during a consultation at St Vincent’s that the hospital would give the lungs to a better candidate because Dazelle was a “complex case.”

The nightmare for the Peters family began when Dazelle was found collapsed in her bedroom, and she was later in and out of John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle.

Although the severity of her condition reduced while Dazelle was being treated in hospital, the toll her body took from various treatments over several years caused Dazelle’s kidney, liver and heart to be impaired.

Mr Peters previously explained that Dazelle had made up her own mind to not get the Covid vaccination.

“Dazelle has been clear she doesn’t want the jabs,” Mr Peters said. “We can’t force her, and the hospital know they can’t force her.”

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