Woman who flashed crowd at hockey game approached by adult website


If you want to get the attention of bigwigs in the adult content world, it seems publicly showcasing your assets at an ice hockey game is a good place to start.

A fan of the Edmonton Oilers has got offers coming in left, right and centre after flashing the crowd during the fifth game of the NHL Western Conference Finals that were taking place in Alberta, Canada on 31 May.

There’s something of a bidding war bubbling after footage of the unidentified woman’s X-rated celebration – which saw her lift her shirt up to reveal her breasts – subsequently went viral.

The woman was seen cheering on her team before lifting up her hockey jersey to expose her boobs, shaking them from side to side and then bursting into a fit of giggles.

It’s been nearly a week since she gave sports fans an impromptu glimpse of her girls and swooning social media users have obviously been trying to track her down – but the super sleuths haven’t had any luck yet.

However, I’m sure there will be a queue of lads vying to take her out on a date when her identity is eventually revealed.

If not, she can at least take comfort in the fact that adult website are offering her six-figure sums to flash her boobs again.

That’s right – the raunchy site Cam Soda are reportedly offering the voluptuous hockey fan a whopping $100,000 (£78,232) to strip off for a second time in aid of their subscribers.

The firm are said to be offering the woman more than the average person’s salary in a lump sum for her to recreate the iconic moment, with Cam Soda saying they want her to ‘show off her chest just as she did the other night’.

According to TMZ, adult site The Porn Dude are also muscling in on the buzz surrounding the Edmonton Oilers supporter and have made their interest in her assets known, saying her boobs were ‘made for porn’.

The publication also claimed that OnlyFans have weighed up the woman and want her to join the platform too, so it seems as though she’s going to be beating away offers with a sh*tty stick at this rate.

She’s also become something of a saviour in the eyes of sports fans, who reckon she might be a bit of a good luck charm for the Edmonton Oilers after they ended up winning 3-1 and going on to triumph 2-1 the following day too.

The team will now take on the Panthers in the Stanley Cup Final which kicks off on 10 June, so let’s hope the woman is somewhere in the stands cheering them on to bring them good fortune with another cheeky flash.

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