Alex Jones’s InfoWars To Be Shut Down? Conspiracy Theorist Alleges Biden Is Coming After Him


Alex Jones declared that his team and the federal government are at a standstill. The federal government was purportedly preparing to take control of and close the Infowars studios in Austin, Texas. As federal authorities allegedly attempted to lock up the doors and forcibly remove all broadcast assets, Alex Jones spent the night in the studio to thwart the raid and threatened to contact the local police to stop them.

Alex Jones’s InfoWars To Be Shut Down?

Alex Jones asserted, “I’ve been targeted for abuse. I was duped by someone. Federal files in secret have claimed that I’m committing crimes. Please contact the Justice Department. This was untrue, of course. We had submitted it to the federal court months prior, and they never even looked at this information. Who would know it was already filed in court, you bastard, if you were going to frame someone and lie about it in federal court? This may be my final performance.”

Over the weekend, Jones—a right-wing TV personality and court-adjudicated conspiracy theorist—took to social media to warn about InfoWars’ closure.

Conspiracy Theorist Alleges Biden Is Coming After Him

A fellow conspiracy theorist named Mike Adams, who describes himself as a “food scientist” and a “health ranger,” provided some of the information to RawStory.

“Alex Jones just broadcast today that government is right now in the process of attempting to illegally seize the InfoWars studios, to put locks on the doors, then force-liquidate all broadcast assets, to silence [Jones],” wrote Adams.
“Alex has stated in the open that he would contact local police to put an end to the unlawful federal raid on his studios, and he spent the night sleeping in his studio. The situation is unknown, and details are being revealed slowly,” Adams revealed to the website.

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