Britain’s Got Talent fans convinced final result ‘ruined’ by giveaway clue moments before crowning winner


Britain’s Got Talent fans believe they’ve figured out that the show’s winner was known just moments before they announced it.

The most attentive fans of the ITV show will have noticed that winner Sydnie Christmas was going to win based on a couple of factors.

In the final, she sent shivers down the spine of those watching in the arena, or on TV, with a perfect rendition of the classic song ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ in the grand final.

All four judges gave a standing ovation to the 28-year-old, with the crowd making the loudest noises of the evening.

After she was announced as the Britain’s Got Talent winner, Declan Donnelly, one half of Ant and Dec, asked how she felt, as Christmas had her head in her hands, almost too emotional to speak.

She began: “Oh, I don’t know what to say! I cannot believe the amount of love that I felt since it aired… Oh my God, I am overwhelmed with love and it’s the most amazing thing.”

“It’s amazing, thank you so much,” the singer concluded.

Behind her in the voting was Jack Rhodes in second place, and dancers Abigail and Afronitaaa in third place.

Sydnie took the win after an entertaining battle among the top 10 of this year’s acts, which was comprised of one comedian, a dance duo, a singer/impersonator, a choir, two magicians and two performance troupes.

However, fans began to notice two clues that would give away the result of the final, just moments after Christmas’ moving performance.

Firstly, the fact that she was the last act to perform led fans to believe that she would be chosen as the winner, as in previous seasons of the show, those who perform last won the coveted £250,000 prize.

In fact, this has happened in each of the last four series, except for 2023.

Winners Axel Blake (2022), Jon Courtney (2021) and Colin Thackery (2019), all performed last on finale night, as they were crowned winner.

Her win followed the same pattern, as she was shown to perform just moments before the results announcement.

The second thing found was the fact that Christmas was placed front and centre during the line-up at the end, with the 11 finalists finding out about their positioning following the votes closing.

A she was placed in the middle, it allowed the star to be perfectly placed and ready for the cameras as the confetti rained down on her following the announcement.

As fans picked up on these tell-tale signs, they took to social media.

One user said: “How fixed lol Sydnie Christmas wins. Gave her the final spot with the crying and the big judge support. Note she’s got a single out too.”

Another user commented: “Let’s be honest we’re all here for Sydnie Christmas and they’ve purposely left her till last to make us sit through this utter s***show”

A third posted: “I said that Sydnie would be last on before show started and would win,

“How many times has last act on won? Results just about in ….see if I’m right.”

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