Brits urged to fly to Europe’s best kept secret’ holiday spot this summer with £1 beer and quiet beaches


We like to talk a lot about the sort of holiday destinations that might not have occurred to you when planning your trip abroad.

People tend to like hot weather, cheap pints and getting away from it all for a few days.

That is at least until they reckon it’s become too hot and they’re longing for the familiar environment of their local pub.

Still, it’s nice to get away and even nicer not to feel as though you’ve blown a hole in your budget to do it.

With that in mind, Brits are being told to go and visit a hidden gem nestled somewhere in Europe, and we won’t keep you in suspense as we’d rather just tell you.

Apparently, this hidden gem is the Albanian coast, which will stick you right up against the Mediterranean.

Just across the water would be the heel of Italy’s boot.

Writing in The Sun, Ada Walker said they took their family during half-term and found the place basically deserted, a tourist trap devoid of Brits to populate it with.

They described the pools as being ‘like millponds’ and wrote of ‘rows of empty sun loungers’, which might be a bit eerie if you like your holidays bustling, but at least you won’t have to worry about other people getting in the way.

At least not until others catch on and decide it’s going to be their new holiday destination of choice.

Just remember that if you suddenly create an influx of tourists to a place the locals will at first be very happy you’re showing up to spend money there, then might get a bit sick of you if your behaviour isn’t up to snuff.

Some of the more tourist-y parts of the world are having a backlash against holidaymakers at the moment.

Protests against ‘overtourism’ in places like Majorca have resulted in people chanting things like ‘tourists go home’ as they’re finally sick to the back teeth of the seasonal influx.

Meanwhile, the Canary Islands have said they’re facing a ‘collapse’ with the sheer number of tourists going to visit and as such have implemented a ‘tourist tax’ to try and go towards the upkeep of the place.

In fact, there’s quite a few other places which seem to be intent on charging Brits a bit extra to go there.

That’s rather the risk with becoming a tourist hotspot, all the tourists you get.

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