CNN Claims Doctors ‘Have to Guess’ Biological Gender of Newborn Babies


CNN has informed its audience that doctors have “no clue” regarding the biological gender of newborn babies and “have to guess,” while offering instructional guidance for parents about how to respond when 4-year-old children “come out” as non-binary or transgender.

“When your kid comes out as trans, here’s what to do,” the column states before moving on to opinions provided by Nova Bright-Williams, a trans identifying person running something called the Trevor Project, a “crisis organization” for LGBTQ+ children.

“When your child tells you they’re trans, your first response should be to thank them for sharing and learning about their experience,” Bright-Williams instructs.

Suggesting your toddler might regret undergoing surgery and taking permanently life-altering hormones before puberty “could not only cause hurt and anger but also could ruin chances of a long-term relationship,” the report further advises.

Modernity report: The article offers a case study where a six year old asked questions such as “Mom, am I a boy? How do you know I’m a boy?”  

The mother told CNN “Once I clued in, I said, ‘The doctors make a best guess based on your body… but only you can know, and we love you no matter what.’”

What? Doctors guess biological sex? Since when?

The mother now just happens to head a organization called Families United for Trans Rights, “an organization of transgender kids and their loved ones.”

The article continues, “Her child’s questioning didn’t stop there. It marked the beginning of a yearslong (sic) evolution not just for her daughter, who came out as nonbinary at age 8 and transgender at 10.”

The piece further notes “It was also a journey for Howland and her husband as they navigated what it means to be trans, ways of affirming their daughter’s gender identity, their responsibilities as parents, and the grief associated with “letting go of one idea of what our life is going to be,” Howland said.”

CNN is making a habit out of this kind of content lately. Last month, a CNN documentary claimed that transgender athletes competing in women’s sports don’t have any advantage despite going through male puberty.

The programme, titled The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper: The Battle Over Transgender Athletes claimed to provide a balanced look into the issue, but ended up doing the exact opposite.

Essentially this is yet another example of trans lobbyists partnering with corporate media to impose their deranged ideology on parents and children.

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