Dave Martin: The Pandemic Was A Planned Marketing Test


We’re always looking for anything that will inform our readers and trigger the fragile snowflakes, and this clip might be just what the under-trained, ill-informed public school health clinic counselor ordered.

It might be a bit more triggering than informing, as our readership is well-versed on the subject and aware of the participants. Dr. David Martin was relatively unknown to a majority of Americans until the Plandemic movie, after which he became a go-to resource and household name among those daring to ask the wrong questions about the Wuhan Flu and the political response to it.

We’ve shared some of David’s observations in the past (here, if interested), so his recent appearance on Russell Brand’s podcast (naturally) caught my attention. It’s a great conversation you can watch in its entirely here, but I wanted to clip a bit and share it to get the thoughts of this community.

Russel and Dave had been talking about governments and wars running cover for what was essentially a legalized drug cartel beginning with opium and how the latest enrichment of Big Pharma isn’t much different from the British Empire’s arrangement with the East India Company and the export of opium for fun and profit. Martin essentially says if you read their own words this was all deliberate with specific goals.

Like I said, it’s a great conversation. Here’s the clip.

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