Flight attendant tells passengers real reason cabin crew say hello to you as you board


Sadly it’s not a VIP experience when a flight attendant welcomes you on to the plane you’re taking for your holidays.

But they’re not just being polite either – as there’s a more serious reason behind the pleasantries.

Many of us have been in this situation before where, after quaffing a few overpriced pints in the terminal bar areas, we make our way to the departure gate.

After a wait that’s always a little bit longer than you’re expecting (that ‘final call’ certainly lasts for a long time), you’re then heading on to the plane where a friendly member of the cabin crew will greet every individual stepping on to the aircraft.

It has now been revealed that the reason for this is more than just being a nice person, according to one flight attendant who flies across Europe.

Over on TikTok, flight attendant Rania (@itsmekikooooo) revealed the real reason she says hi to you all as you board the plane.

Yes, it is partly due to being polite, as is customary for anyone working cabin crew.

But the warm welcome is only part of the task she’s been given in that moment.

What she’s actually doing is analysing every passenger for other motives.

Rania said: “Your flight attendant greets you, not only out of politeness, but also to check whether you are too drunk or sick to fly.”

Not only this, checking people out is also to analyse which passengers could help cabin crew in the unfortunate event of an emergency, she added in the video’s description.

And social media users were quick to share their thoughts in the comment section.

One person commented alluding to already knowing this, saying: “I had pancreatitis when I was in Corfu, I acted normal going on to the plane otherwise I knew they wouldn’t let me on.”

A second joked: “Me with headphones walking on the plane completely ignoring the flight attendants…”

While a third said: “Ah okay this makes a lot of sense, I always get the same look going on flights.”

Another flight attendant in the comment section also added: “We look for anyone who hasn’t got any mobility issues, can speak English, looks like they will be able to open a door and ideally travelling alone.

“That makes you an ABP (able-bodied person).”

It’s the latest piece of travel advice from cabin crew when it comes to heading up 40,000 feet, with another flight attendant revealing why you really shouldn’t ask them out when doing their job.

In a sit down interview with LADbible, another person in the industry revealed exactly what happens when people try and join the mile high club while flying through the skies.

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