Louisiana Outlaws People With Penises From Women’s Restrooms: ‘Enough is Enough’


Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry (R) signed a bill on Wednesday outlawing biological males from using women’s restrooms and public facilities, which will take effect on August 1.

“Enough is enough,” Landry said. “Louisiana will not allow biological men to take advantage of opportunities for women.”

HB608 is called “The Women’s Safety and Protection Act,” WBRZ reported, adding:

HB608, authored by Rep. Roger Wilder, R-Denham Springs, will segregate all bathrooms, changing and locker rooms, as well as sleeping quarters by sex in public schools, domestic violence shelters and correctional facilities. This would prohibit transgender people from using facilities that align with their gender identity.

Landry said he was proud to sign the bill, which he said “protects women’s safety and reinforces the very identity of what it means to be a woman.”

During its final passage, Wilder said, “We must defend the dignity, safety, and welfare of all women. I’m standing for the basic understanding that there are biological differences between females and males that create the need for separate privacy spaces for said females and males.”

“I would like to simply say that I believe that this is more about love being extended to over half of our population in this state which is female,” he added during his speech in April:


In 2021, protesters from New Orleans were enraged by a bill prohibiting “transgender girls” from joining girls’ school sports, WWLTV reported at the time:

In May, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) signed a bill to prohibit students from using bathrooms in public schools that did not align with their biological sex.

“The bill, titled the ‘Securing Areas for Females Effectively and Responsibly Act’ — also known as the “Safer Act” — requires all public buildings have restrooms designated for men only, women only, or single-person spaces available to anyone,” Breitbart reported.

“The law also allows anyone to sue a person who uses a facility that does not correspond to their biological sex,” the report noted.

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