Netflix viewers’ ‘heads spinning’ over doc about Premier League footballer who died before wife found out devastating ‘secret’


Netflix recently picked up a documentary about a former Premier League footballer who died tragically in 2018 and viewers have been left bewildered by the secrets it claimed to uncover.

Jlloyd Samuel spent his time between 1999 and 2010 in the Premier League with Aston Villa and Bolton Wanderers, punctuated by a brief loan to Gillingham.

He then spent a season on loan with Cardiff before heading to Iran for four years.

During his time in football, he also made a smattering of appearances for some of England’s youth teams, and in 2009 picked up two caps for the Trinidad and Tobago international team.

After he returned from Iran, Samuel joined team Egerton as a player-manager but he died tragically at the age of 37 after his Range Rover collided with a van on 15 May, 2018, bursting into flames.

Samuel had been returning home after dropping his children off at school and died at the scene, while the other driver was severely injured.

An inquest the year after his death found that he was over the legal drink driving limit – though it was added by a toxicologist that the body can sometimes produce alcohol after death – and his car had been on the wrong side of the road, causing a head-on collision.

Jlloyd’s sister, Leslie-Ann, believed her brother wasn’t the one driving the car and that he is still alive.

As per Sky News, she claimed that the family were not allowed to carry their own DNA tests, writing on social media: “We know you are still out there.”

However, no suspicious circumstances or ‘foul play’ were ruled regarding his death.

His life and death were covered in the 2022 ITV documentary The Footballer, His Wife, and the Crash, which just days ago was picked up by Netflix.

And people who’ve been watching it say it’s left their ‘heads absolutely spun’ after some of the claims and stories told within.

Others said it was mind blowing and ‘didn’t add up at all’, while someone else called the documentary ‘really sad and wild at the same time’.

The Footballer, His Wife, and the Crash claimed that Jlloyd had actually been living a double life with a secret second wife he’d met while playing in Iran.

The documentary also alleged that Samuel had converted to Islam to marry her, leaving his wife Emma searching for answers.

“I was trying to grieve my husband and find he has another life. Who is my husband – do I really know him?” she said.

She’d actually met her husband’s supposed second wife when Emma had visited Jlloyd in Dubai, with the other woman allegedly introducing herself as a fortune teller.

His supposed second wife also said in the documentary that she believes he is still alive.

Some viewers have taken to social media to say that it left them in a spin as they called it ‘crazy’ and wondered ‘how can you live 2 lifes (sic) like that’.

The Footballer, His Wife, and the Crash is available to stream now on Netflix.

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