Tucker Carlson Says Klaus Schwab Is ‘Like an Elderly Idiot Who Seems A Little Senile’


Tucker Carlson has claimed that after meeting World Economic Founder Klaus Schwab in person, he realizes that he’s nothing but an “elderly idiot” who has “no idea what he’s talking about

During a wide ranging discussion on the “Shawn Ryan Show” earlier this week Carlson described his chance encounter with the 86-year-old globalist during an event in the Middle East.

InfoWars reports: Carlson said “I don’t know Klaus Schwab, but I got to see him up close, and he’s like an idiot….He’s like an elderly idiot who seems a little senile and doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about at all.”


“He’s totally unimpressive. And it was just another reminder that the closer you get, to like Victoria Nuland for example basically started the current war in Ukraine…she’s kind of like this sad fat dumb girl, actually”.

So the closer you get, the more you realize people running things are like, mediocre. They’re buffoons. They have no idea what they’re doing,” he said.

He went on to explain his assessment of the globalist neocon faction that has captured U.S. government and is dictating its foreign policy.

“They’re weak people. They’re motivated by rage and envy. They’re not the people who built the current society we live in. Anything worth having, they did not build, from our beautiful train stations, to our power grid, to any of our infrastructure, to Harvard University, to our legal code, to anything that’s great about America.”

The former Fox News host continued, “They didn’t create anything. They’re not capable of it. And they’re mad about it, and they’re in the mad the way primitive envious people are mad, they don’t celebrate beauty, they destroy beauty.”

“You see this lot. It’s one of the main motivators of evil, in my view. And they just want to tear it down. They’re mad about it,” Carlson added.

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