Woman shares Apple Maps hack that’s ideal for everyone planning a holiday this summer


If you fancy being commended for your craftiness online and being dubbed a saviour of summer holidays, why don’t you think of your best travel tip and post a video explaining it online?

Sharing your knowledge and hacks to ensure a smooth-sailing trip is a sure-fire way to gain popularity on social media, as people just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Which probably says a lot about our unrelenting need for ease and reliance on shortcuts, but after the last few years we’ve had, I reckon we should all get cut a bit of slack if technology can make our lives easier.

So if you’re a fan of taking the easy way out wherever possible, you are going to love this advice from this US woman who promises a ‘sneaky little map feature’ will change your live forever.

Jennifer Dove, better known online as @techgirljen, shared her latest little nugget of knowledge in a TikTok video to encourage viewers to use their gadgets to their full potential.

This time around, she was informing iPhone users about how to make the most of the web mapping service by taking a look at what else it can do – as it doesn’t just show you the fastest route from A to B, you know.

Jennifer explained that if you open the Apple Maps app and scroll down to the ‘My Guides’ section, you can open up a whole new world of opportunity for when you are out and about adventuring.

Talking her followers through the process, she said: “Tap ‘New Guide’, then let’s name the guide and create it.

“Now, we need to open it and add places to the guide. So I’m just going to tap a few places I know I’m going to visit.”

All this might sound a bit boring to seasoned Apple device owners – but Jennifer was actually showing people how they can essentially create their own personalised map in the clip.

Basically, you can organise a range of different place in the My Guides section so that they show all of the landmarks you have flagged in that specific location with the click of a button, rather than individually searching them all on the day.

Apple explains: “For example, you can add destinations for an upcoming vacation into a guide named Summer Road Trip. “You can get to your guides from the search card, and you can share your guides with others.”

Jennifer showed how she had planned her itinerary for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas in her video.

She continued: “Now, it opens the map, shows me the three places I’ve added to the guide and if I tap on any of those, it shows me on the map where those things are.

“Plus, choosing any of these things gives me lots of options underneath – including website, calling, directions, booking, things like that,” Jennifer added. “I can also make my map 3D.

“Don’t worry if you forgot to put some things on your guide as you can always add more.”

It’s certainly one way to make sure you don’t miss any must-see places while exploring another destination this summer.

Social media users were very impressed with Jennifer’s hack and flooded the comment section with compliments, although some people pointed out Google Maps could do this a long time ago.

One person wrote: “I just used this tip to make a list of recommendations in my own city – it will be so easy to send to people when they ask.”

Another said: “Oh, this is great for vacation planning. Thanks!”

A third wrote: “Oh my gosh this would change my NYC trips! I’m constantly finding places I want to go but it takes for ever to find it and I’m walking near one unexpectedly.”

A fourth added: “I used that feature for every stop on my Italy trip last year…fantastic!”

While a fifth chimed in: “Literally had no idea. This is going to be a huge help for my next vacation.”

Will you be giving it a go?

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