AI creates what ‘average man’ in most UK major cities look like and the results are brutal


Artificial intelligence is slowly becoming more and more prominent in our daily lives, with tech boffins hoping that it can make our daily existences a lot easier than it is now.

It has endless potential – but obviously, Brits are much more interested in seeing what robots reckon the ‘average man’ in most major UK cities looks like rather than revolutionising the world with it.

And when you’ve seen the state of this AI-generated lads, you’ll probably understand why.

Take a look at this:

Prepare to feel either outrageously offended or slightly chuffed if you’re from hotspots such as Manchester, London, Newcastle, Leeds and Glasgow, as the generative AI program Midjourney didn’t pull any punches when painting a picture.

But for those who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting other cities to check out the talent, this might save you the trip.


Kicking off with the ‘average’ bloke from the City of a Thousand Trades, this Brummy didn’t get off half bad.

Although he might appear like the run-of-the-mill man you walk past on the street, he at least has a bit of individuality and has some tattoos snaking from below his well-groomed beard.

He plays it safe when it comes to his clothes, though, with a lot of muted greys and browns making up his outfit, which also consists of a shocking amount of layers – suggesting you ought to wrap up if your heading to Birmingham.

But to be fair, AI didn’t do Ozzy Osbourne’s home city that dirty…in comparison to others.


AI must really reckon that the fellas down in Exeter clearly put a lot of effort into their appearance, as it conjured up a right pretty boy when producing an average man for this city in southwest England.

He seems to be going for the lads version of the ‘no makeup, makeup’ look, as his hair is just tousled enough for him to claim that he has just rolled out of bed – even though he probably spent half an hour blow drying it.

Opting for a cool and casual t-shirt and hoodie combo, this is a guy who pretends he has just thrown on the first thing that he saw that morning when he was really rifling through his wardrobe – but still, he managed to look great doing it.


Gentlemen in Glasgow are clearly big fans of leather and the biker-look in the mind of AI.

The average man in the Scottish city is supposedly a tough-looking lad who is a softie at heart and also has a penchant for a funky patterned scarf.

He’s got a few streaks of grey in his beard and wrinkles on his forehead, which could indicate chaps are in for a tough paper round in Glasgow – but he still looks well dressed and pretty cool.

This is the kind of guy who would cooly lift a car off a baby and spark a cigarette all in the space of five seconds.


Just when we thought the average Glaswegian man had been through a lot, here comes Leeds.

Are you guys okay over there? Also, what’s the average age of people in Leeds?

Mr. Leeds looks as though he’s had better days and is in dire need of a good wash – and maybe a comb of his hair wouldn’t go amiss.

Thankfully, though, he’s just a figment of AI imagination, so no one needs to travel down to the city in West Yorkshire wielding a hairbrush and a bar of soap.


Liverpool will win next time, mate (Midjourney)

AI has got the lads down in Scouseland kitted out in a New Balance hoodie emblazoned with Liverpool FC’s logo, a decent head of hair and a well grown beard. So not half bad, really.

You’d probably have presumed that this average man would be some sort of amalgamation of The Beatles – and yes, maybe the round specs are a super small nod to John Lennon.

But this bloke is clearly more interested in sport instead of songs and reps his local team like no tomorrow.

A true Scouser, some might say.


Mr. London really looks as though ought to take a break from the Big Smoke with those dark circles.

AI could have gone the complete opposite route and whipped up a geezer in a sharp suit and a flashy watch, but the robots clearly wanted to show us how ordinary males in the capital are faring with the fast-paced lifestyle they lead.

With tousled hair, a five o’clock shadow and a slightly pale complexion, this fella has clearly in dire need of some sunlight and has been spending too much time on the tube.

He’s definitely not a Pret fan, either.


You’d probably expect the average bloke in this Northern city to look something like a Liam Gallagher impersonator, but according to AI, Mancunian men are opting for trendier hairstyles these days.

Clad in a hoodie supporting his club MUFC and a waterproof jacket for the inevitable downpour which is bound to hit, this lad looks as though he is prepared for anything.

I will admit though, his short back and sides does suggest that he’s the kind of guy to leave you on read for weeks at a time before trying to reel you back in with his Northern charm.


If you were hoping to see someone resembling a Geordie Shore cast member for AI’s interpretation of the average bloke in Newcastle, you’d be sadly mistaken.

Instead, this fella doesn’t look to pleased to be in the Toon at all.

He’s the only man needed a drink, according to AI, as the chap is clutching what appears to be a coffee cup.

Sporting a nice knitted hat on top of his head and numerous layers, it’s clear he’s feeling the chill from the River Tyne.

Don’t worry though pet, things will get better soon.

You can find all of the other shocking, surprising and disturbing ‘average men’ in our video – but again, please don’t shoot the messenger. Go after the robots, they’re the ones that created these people.

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